This Magical Unicorn Snot Is Blowing Up the Internet

We’ve already seen unicorn lipstick and unicorn eyeliner take over the beauty world these past few months, but it's the latest addition to these unicorn-themed products that has really caught our eye. Unicorn Snot, a shimmering glitter gel, has gained some serious traction on social media this past week, making it another option for those of us looking to add some magic into our makeup routines.

While the term “snot” isn’t exactly what we’d call enticing, the product does create some pretty enchanting beauty looks. So enchanting, in fact, that people have taken to Instagram to show off their best looks using the sparkly balm, making it one of the best products you’ll want to get your hands on for New Year’s Eve.

From shimmering cheekbones to glitter roots, we’ve gathered some of the best looks Instagrammers have created using none other than Unicorn Snot:

When your BFF is 5 ..... #unicornsnot 🦄🦄🦄

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✨Tuesday 🔥 #horriblepart #hair #frenchbraid #glitter #unicornsnot

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The glitter gels come in pink, purple, gold, silver, and green, and are available online at Dolls Kill for only $10 each.

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