Mood Changing Nail Polish Is The Product You Didn't Know You Needed

Between the dip powders and polish that can detect roofies, with all the innovations on the nail polish market it’s hard to believe there’d be anything else to add. But there’s more and it’s seriously innovative and just cool. We introduce you to a color-changing acrylic powder.

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Glam and Glits Mood Effect Acrylic Collection comes in 48 shade shifting colors that change based on body temperature. Therefore, they polish can change after holding a hot cup of coffee or a washing your hands under cool water. And along with the solid colors, there’s shimmer, glitter, crème and neon options.

The powders are to be applied using a soft nail brush. This will help guarantee smooth, clean application. And, in even better news, they’re meant to last up to three weeks.

Now that sounds like a mani of our dreams.