9 Plastic Surgery Trends from The Aesthetic Society’s Annual Meeting

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This year’s meeting of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (The Aesthetic Society) drew leading plastic surgeons from around the world, all keen to share their insights and expertise. Held in Vancouver, the event offered a diverse lineup of lectures, workshops and live demonstrations, all aimed at exploring the latest developments and emerging trends in aesthetic medicine. Here, the hottest plastic surgery trends in 2024 that top surgeons are discussing and debating, along with the newest technologies and techniques they’re using in the operating room and beyond.

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Preservation Rhinoplasty

Preservation rhinoplasty reshapes the nose while maintaining its original anatomy, offering a subtler approach than traditional methods. Austin, TX plastic surgeon Adam Weinfeld, MD, explains that it “preserves the inherent structure of the dorsum of the nose.” Instead of removing cartilage from the top, this procedure reduces projection by taking tissue from lower down, allowing the nose to “drop” into the desired shape. He likens it to “turning a seven-story building into a five-story one by removing the first two stories, not the top two.”

Meanwhile, Miami plastic surgeon Adam Rubinstein, MD, warns that “preservation rhinoplasty” might be a marketing term, noting “The industry we work in has a lot of spin.” Discussing the related concept of a “preservation facelift,” he dismisses it as “BS,” suggesting that it’s more about creating “sizzle” than any real innovations to these surgeries.

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GLP-1’s Role in Plastic Surgery

GLP-1, initially developed for diabetes management, are gaining traction for their role in weight loss. However, rapid weight loss from these medications can lead to sagging skin, creating new challenges in the field of plastic surgery. According to Austin, TX plastic surgeon Johnny Franco, MD, “Patients are now seeking solutions for sagging skin after losing significant weight with GLP-1s. We offer skin-tightening procedures like Renuvion, BodyTite and other surgical options to address this.”

Delray Beach, FL plastic surgeon Drew Schnitt, MD, however, approaches the use of GLP-1 agonists with caution. He states, “GLP-1s have been used for over 20 years, but do we really know what they do to the pancreas, insulin response or even the brain? I’m hesitant to embrace these drugs without more information.” Despite this concern, he acknowledges that they can be beneficial in certain cases. “They need to be used responsibly and accompanied by lifestyle changes to maintain weight loss.”

For patients who have found success with GLP-1 weight loss, New York plastic surgeon Mokhtar Asaadi, MD says extended tummy tucks help remove excess skin and tighten muscles. He notes that “these patients often have laxity from stretched skin and muscle separation, making the extended tummy tuck an effective solution to improve their contour when they’ve reached their goal.”

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Mentor’s Breast Implant Simulator App

Mentor’s new app, the Mentor Breast Implant Simulator, lets users visualize potential breast augmentation outcomes through augmented reality. They can upload photos or use real-time video to simulate various implant sizes and see how they would look. The app also offers educational content on breast augmentation and connects users with local surgeons. It allows you to share simulated results with your friends for feedback, engaging patients earlier and providing a personalized experience for those considering breast augmentation.

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Deep Plane Facelifts

A key topic of discussion was the growing popularity of the deep plane facelift technique. Mountainview, CA plastic surgeon Shahin Fazilat, MD who incorporates this approach into his practice, noted that while it’s a popular buzzword, not everyone performing it is doing it properly. “I think people just say they do it to get patients in, but they’re not necessarily doing deep plane,” he explained.

Dr. Fazilat recommends that anyone interested in this procedure should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon, emphasizing that while deep plane facelifts might be more complex, they can deliver superior results in the right hands. However, he cautions that the technique isn’t suitable for everyone, reinforcing the need for thorough consultations and individualized treatment plans.

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BBL Reversals

Marietta, GA plastic surgeon Stanley Okoro, MD has seen the growing trend of reversing Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) to correct exaggerated or disproportionate results. “People are almost undoing what was done a few years ago,” he says, as more patients seek to reduce their BBL enhancements to achieve a more natural look. His technique involves removing excess fat through liposuction and then reshaping the area to maintain a more balanced silhouette. He adds that the trend towards larger buttocks is changing, with people now favoring a classic look over an “exaggerated shape.”

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Autologus Augmentation

Autologous augmentation uses a patient’s own tissue to naturally enhance the breasts and buttocks, providing an alternative to implants or a BBL using fat alone. Austin, TX plastic surgeon Sean Arredondo, MD reshapes excess tissue to give patients lift and volume, creating a natural look. He explains, “Instead of discarding tissue during a body lift, we can use it to contour the breasts and buttocks.” This innovative technique can be especially beneficial for patients who have undergone significant weight loss, allowing them to use their own tissue for a more natural and long-lasting augmentation.

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Renuvion as a Surgery Enhancer

Renuvion is a surgery-enhancing tool that many plastic surgeons are using for its skin-tightening capabilities. Grand Rapids, MI, plastic surgeon Bradley Bengtson, MD finds it especially useful for “intro” procedures like liposuction, where it can achieve “25-30 percent skin tightening,” adding that it has a “combination of internal and external” applications. However, Dr. Bengtson warns of risks associated with its high heat, stating that improper use can lead to “burns and other complications.” To ensure patient safety, he emphasizes the need for surgeons to be well-trained in using the technology.

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Storing Cells for Future Treatments

Acorn Biolabs is pioneering a unique approach to hair and skin rejuvenation by preserving hair follicles, which serve as a rich source of stem cells for future treatments. This noninvasive cryostorage process ensures a reserve of cells that can be used for regenerative therapies. The stem cells are sourced from hair follicles and stored for use for future rejuvenation treatments. This process creates a reserve of cells that can be used for future therapies to combat hair loss and skin aging. Founder Dr. Drew Taylor explains, “We believe the future of aesthetics is ultra-personalized, which is why we’re developing products that leverage a person’s own cells, which can be collected and used later for treatments like hair and facial rejuvenation procedures.”

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Sciton debuted the BBL HEROic, a cutting-edge broadband light (BBL) device designed for fast, effective and comfortable skin rejuvenation. What makes it stand out is its tunable technology that ensures uniform energy delivery says Montclair, NJ plastic surgeon Barry DiBernardo, MD. “The Sciton BBL HEROic, years in development, has added one of the greatest tools for precision application of light-based treatments we have seen in decades,” he says. Notable features include Autodynamic Pulsing for automated pulse delivery and advanced cooling technology for comfort, making a versatile solution for a wide range of skin concerns across various body areas.

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