Is ‘Sweater Boob Surgery’ the Answer to a More Fashionable Chest?

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For many, cold-weather days mean layers, layers and more layers. On those days, swimming in our sweaters can also highlight when we want a little more volume up top. While many used to implants to look better in bikinis, getting smaller breast implants to look better in tight-fitting clothing is also a thing and it has a name. A recent trend, called “sweater boob surgery” or “sweater breast augmentation,” was born from sweater season. It has gained popularity, with some women opting for smaller implants to create a modest volume boost.

What Is “Sweater Boob Surgery?”

According to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Gandolfi, MD “sweater boob surgery” refers to a subtle breast augmentation that adds volume without the overt appearance of traditional breast implants. It caters particularly to individuals who desire a modest enhancement, aiming for a natural yet noticeable change in their appearance. “This is generally someone that is petite and small-chested that wants to add some volume to their chest but does not want their chest to appear ‘done,’” he explains.

Does “Sweater Boob Surgery” Just Mean Small Breasts?

Louisville, KY plastic surgeon Chet Mays, MD says “sweater boob surgery” allows individuals to fill out clothing comfortably without appearing disproportionate or drawing undue attention. “’Sweater boob surgery’ is not a new concept. Maybe the term is new to some. But the desire for a more natural breast augmentation that fits comfortably in your clothing is something we plastic surgeons have been doing for a long time,” says Dr. Mays. “This allows a woman to fill out her top just to give that push-up bra look in her clothing. Thicker clothing requires larger breasts to show a difference. So if you were wearing a sweater or a thicker top, you were going to need more volume in your breast to make it apparent that you have breasts.”

What’s Behind the“Sweater Boob Surgery” Trend?

Is this just another way of saying people are seeking smaller implants? New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD says yes, but this is generally very regional. “When I talk to many of my colleagues whom I am very close with in other parts of the country, the south, the west coast and parts of Florida, there are many patients who are seeking a less natural look and more substantial, significant improvement and volume, so that they are noticed because of their chest. For the right patient, this works. Like any other procedure, this is very patient-dependent on what they are seeking out, so locally, it is seen, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a new trend. It’s almost surprising that someone is describing this as a new trend as this has been the trend in New York City for a long, long time.”

While “sweater boob surgery” often involves implants, the emphasis is on size and proportionality rather than sheer volume. Dr. Levine emphasizes that this trend is not merely about smaller implants but rather about achieving a balanced and subtle enhancement tailored to the individual’s preferences and physique. “Most of my patients are seeking a breast augmentation, and want a conservative breast augmentation. They want to be able to wear clothing without having to wear a padded bra or be able to wear a two-piece bathing suit and feel like their chest is substantial enough to fill out a bathing suit, but in no way do they want their chest to draw attention or want it to look unnatural.”

Navigating the Trend: Expert Advice

For those intrigued by this trend, selecting a skilled surgeon is paramount. Dr. Gandolfi advises prospective patients to thoroughly examine surgeons’ before-and-after galleries to gauge their aesthetic style and ensure alignment with their desired outcome. “These breast augmentations are generally my favorite and have very stable, long-lasting results. The advice I would give is to carefully select your surgeon. A surgeon’s before-and-after gallery can give you clues as to the style that your surgeon gravitates to. Just as clothes brands have unique styles and perspectives, so do plastic surgeons. Pick one that has results like you are looking for posted on their site.”

Dr. Mays echoes this sentiment, advocating for open communication and the use of visual references, such as “wish pics,” to articulate desired results effectively. “My advice for anyone looking for breast enhancement is to bring pictures to their surgeon to show them what ‘look’ you’re going for. As a plastic surgeon, it is my goal to achieve the patient’s goals. Many patients will verbally describe what they were looking for.”

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