Aesthetic Procedures Plastic Surgeons Won’t Perform Anymore

Aesthetic Procedures Plastic Surgeons Won’t Perform Anymore featured image
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In the world of aesthetics, newer isn’t necessarily better, but like with every other industry, outdated moves don’t always make sense. Here’s what plastic surgeons say have become passé of late in the world of aesthetic surgery.


Sounds like a simple one, but Encino, CA plastic surgeon George Sanders, MD says this skin treatment is “rarely done” in 2024. “It’s bloody, it can lead to loss of skin color, it is unable to treat lower eyelids, and it can also traumatize the skin to an excessive degree,” he says. “It has been replaced by peels and, more recently, laser resurfacing.”

Deep Phenol Peels

Some of the doctors interviewed for this story said the same thing when it comes to the many-days-of-downtime phenol peel. “It resulted in hypopigmentation,” says Eugene, OR plastic surgeon Mark Jewell, MD.

Collagen Injections

La Jolla, CA plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD says this is one procedure that is a pass. “No one does it anymore,” he says of what he refers to as “the original” filler. “There are better fillers now and there’s also the option of micro-fat grafts.” Dr. Jewell has a similar item to add to the list—that of silicone tissue–filler injections.

Endoscopic Browlift

Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Sanjay Grover, MD has a strong disclaimer for when he’s discussing this topic: “There are many procedures that I know some surgeons won’t do anymore—yet there still may be good reasons to do it that way,” he stresses. “For instance, some surgeons won’t do an endoscopic browlift or any browlift anymore because they are afraid of overdoing it or not getting any result and they feel they get an adequate lift with neurotoxins. But I still perform endoscopic brow lifts or temporal lifts for the right patient to either stabilize the brow when I perform a blepharoplasty or when I perform a facelift and I mobilize much of the mid-face tissue back north.”

Upper Lip Lift + Buccal Fat Removal

A bit of the wildcard in the mix, this is a duo that went to the wayside for a bit, says Dr. Grover, but adds that both seem to be back in full force—thanks to social media. “People swore them off,” he says. “But they seem to be back in swing now.” Dr. Singer adds that both options can produce a good result in the appropriate patient.

Hair Graft With Plugs

You’ve seen this one—where the head “starts to resemble a golf ball”—and, for that reason, Dr. Jewell says it’s one procedure to forget about.

Closed Capsulotomy 

This one is specific, and involves the treatment of breast capsular contracture, explains Dr. Sanders. “It involves manually squeezing the hardened implant to tear the scar tissue and soften the breast,” he says. “Hematomas, pain, rapid return of the contracture, and implant malposition were common, and the procedure has been abandoned. Now, the procedure is performed by opening the breast and incising or removing the capsule.” Dr. Singer agrees: “This is universally—across the board—not done anymore.”

Muscle Reduction Procedures to Debulk Calves

This might sound futuristic, but it’s one procedure that’s gone to the wayside, according to Dr. Jewell. 

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