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If you’re reading this on a screen—and we’re 99.9 percent sure that you are—how long has it been since you’ve stepped away? Health experts have long been concerned with the effects of too much “screen time.” The effect of an always-connected lifestyle has been studied in conjunction with eye strain, mental health, and more. But how does spending all day in front of a computer, a phone, or a tablet effect your skin?

Screens get a bad rap emitting “blue light,” or a short-wavelength, high-energy color that has the potential to effect skin. “Similar to the effects of the sun, blue light generates heat and can cause free radical damage in the skin,” says San Diego, CA dermatologist Sabrina Fabi, MD. “We know from studies that blue light can create reactive oxygen species that can break down collagen at the level of our skin and promotes loss of elasticity and signs of aging.”

According to Dr. Fabi, there’s no way to tell if the skin concerns you may be noticing, like fine lines, loose skin, or dark spots, are due to pollution, blue light, or other factors. “Both blue light and pollution contribute to the same oxidative process responsible for skin aging. They do so by creating reactive oxygen species that break down our collagen, elastin fibers, and stimulate pigment formation.”

Studies on both pollution and blue light have found that they contribute to wrinkles and premature aging. One pollution study even showed an increase in pigmentation by up to 20 percent, due to particulate matter alone, says Fabi.

Although you can be conscious of not spending too much time on your phone, chances are, you can’t reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the computer. To combat the effects of blue light, dermatologist-favorite brand SkinMedica® formulated the LUMIVIVE® System, a serum duo for day and night. In the morning, LUMIVIVE® Day Damage Defense Serum serves as a barrier between your skin against the harmful effects of blue light and pollution. In the evening, LUMIVIVE® Night Revitalize Repair Complex works to recharge your skin while you sleep.

LUMIVIVE® Day works by a “blend of antioxidants and peptides to help prevent damage” from blue light and pollution, says Fabi. The serum, which she recommends layering under SPF protection, fights the visible signs of aging and wrinkles. “Even if we protect ourselves from blue light and pollution, our skin cells need to detoxify, and they go into repair mode at night,” says Fabi. LUMIVIVE® Night helps to revitalize stressed skin from particulate matter and blue light exposure, enhancing the sleep-repair process overnight for a brighter complexion.”

In her practice, Fabi recommends LUMIVIVE® across all skin types, including sensitive skin and millennial skin. As a multi-benefit system that includes blue light protection during the day and skin detoxification at night, LUMIVIVE® serves as two products in one and an easy addition to your existing regimen.

For best results, apply the LUMIVIVE® Day serum directly after cleansing in the morning, then follow with any of your other targeted or specialty products, and finish with an SPF. In the evening, apply the LUMIVIVE® Night serum directly after cleansing, then follow with a pea-sized amount of Retinol and finish with a moisturizer.

Users can see improvements in the appearance of both “redness and pigmentation” within four weeks, says Fabi. Overall, skin is going to look brighter and have greater luminosity.

Aside from incorporating blue light protectants into your skincare routine, Fabi recommends patients take other precautions to reduce their exposure to potentially harmful pollutants. Start by cutting off your screen time at least three hours before bed—a healthy habit that she encourages as a sleep aid as well as a skin helper. iPhone users can also turn on “Night Shift” mode, which swaps orange light for blue. If you spend all day in front of a computer, try adding a blue light blocker on top of your screen to help filter out blue light.

With these simple lifestyle changes and a dose of blue light blocking skincare, you skin won’t give away just how much time you spend in front of a screen.

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