Sarah Hyland Shares Her Favorite Mascara and Her Hot Take on the ’90s Brow Trend Coming Back

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Sarah Hyland Shares Her Favorite Mascara and Her Hot Take on the ’90s Brow Trend Coming Back featured image
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Sarah Hyland, who you likely fell in love with on Modern Family or The Object of My Affection, depending on your age, has been keeping busy, and we mean really busy. Between planning a wedding and co-founding Sourse, she’s also recently added hosting Love Island to her resume, and she’ll be starring in the upcoming Pitch Perfect series. We first met at an event for Sourse, and I was immediately struck by how truly unique her appearance was and how absolutely New York she was—despite residing in California for years, she grew up in Manhattan, after all.

We recently caught up over Zoom about her partnership with Autotrader and Dogtrader. At the mention of adopting dogs, her own is heard howling in the background. Her husband, as of this past weekend, Wells Adams, chimes in, “Can they adopt that one?” Hyland jokes that the howling is because the pup doesn’t want the pair to add another pet to the home. She filled us in about the partnership, her eyebrow hacks, her favorite ways to unwind and more.

Your eyes are so stunning. What makeup do you use to make them pop?

“When I was in my early 20s, I did a lot of purples because back then, everyone was like ‘purple is the best for green eyes,’ but I really love shades of red and orange, actually. I think that really does bring out the green in my eyes, and that’s probably my favorite. The things that I focus on for my eyes are purely just mascara. I have big alien eyes.”

Do you have any favorite mascaras?

“I love Ilia’s mascara ($28), the lengthening one. I don’t even need to curl my eyelashes with it. It just kind of curls it for you, and it has a lash separator so you can put on the mascara on one side, and the lash separator is on the other. I also really love Dior’s iconic curl ($30) that will forever be a classic for me.”

Your eyebrows are just as iconic as your eyes—any tips there?

“Don’t over pluck and don’t get micro feathering or blading or anything like that. Just don’t do it. I do my own brows and what I do is I pluck just the like strays down here and just keep it as thick as possible. I know that ’90s brows are coming back, and I just don’t know how I feel about it. I’m not here for it. No, thank you. My eyes are way too big already. Can you imagine what they would look like?”

Love Island has a crazy filming schedule right now, and you have tons of other projects going on. What do you do for yourself to make sure you’re centered and recharged during this busy time?

“I spend time with Wells and the dogs, I think. Just like sitting on a couch or laying in bed cuddling with them, having a glass of wine. Just kind of being present with the things that I love the most, whether that be food or people or animals. I love grounding techniques where you go outside, and you’re barefoot in the grass and just really appreciating Mother Earth and being outdoors. It sounds so woo-woo, but I think that that’s really really important.”

I know you work with Sourse. What is your favorite bite, and why?

“As of recently, in the past few weeks, it’s been the Energy Bite ($30), purely because of the schedule. You feel that caffeine in like the best way possible without jitters or anything, so I’ve been appreciating those a lot. But I really love the Glow Bites ($30) and Beauty Bites. The Beauty Bites ($30) have gotten my hair to be so long. Not that long ago, I had bangs up to here, and now they’re down to here. Like, that’s insane. That’s all from the Beauty Bites. I really love those. I mean, I really love them all because they’re chocolate.”

Tell me a bit about your partnership with Autotrader and Dogtrader?

“Well, I just love dogs so much. And so Autotrader and I are partnering up together in honor of National Dog Day, which is August 26. It’s one of my favorite holidays. So, we’re partnering up together, and we’re doing a giveaway for a really cute BFF charm set that you can have on your keychain and on your pet’s collar. From August 23 through September 6, you can go to dogtrader.com to try and get that. 

Dogtrader.com is going to be a big hub, not only for signing up for the giveaway but there will also be adoptable pets that you can look at and hopefully adopt. You can find the best adoptable pet for you as well as match that with the best car for your pet, and we have come out with the 2022 best cars for dog lovers list, which is something I never really thought of before, having your car match your dog, but I would do anything for my dog, so my car is definitely too small for our big dogs. So, I think I might take advantage of it. The Jeep Wrangler is looking really good as well as like the Ford Bronco Sport, and they have electric cars as well. So I think that that could be very interesting for us.

Go to dogtrader.com, and adopt a pet and find the perfect car for your animal at Autotrader. They make it really easy. You can even do it from home, which is like my greatest pleasure in life is to just be home and not go anywhere. They can make it possible for a car to come to your house so you can test drive it. It’s just so great. They make it finding a car super easy.”

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