Why I Said “Yes” to Facial Plastic Surgery: 3 True Transformation Stories

Why I Said “Yes” to Facial Plastic Surgery: 3 True Transformation Stories featured image
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Undergoing facial surgery can be stressful, as the results are so prominently visible. These recent patient stories show the importance of thorough research and making informed choices to achieve transformative results.

From correcting aging concerns to enhancing prominent features, people opt for aesthetic surgery for a variety of different reasons. The decision is deeply personal, and as attitudes toward cosmetic surgery continue to evolve, more people are saying “yes” to confidence-boosting procedures as a form of self improvement. Research suggests that on average, a prospective patient takes approximately three years to decide to undergo a procedure. Here, three real patients share what helped them decide to take a leap of faith and get the new look they desired.

Putting Myself Back in Focus

Patient: Jill, 58

Procedure: Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

Surgeon: New York plastic surgeon Mokhtar Asaadi, MD

What it is: An upper blepharoplasty removes excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid to improve the appearance of hooded or droopy eyelids. A lower blepharoplasty removes excess skin, fat, and sometimes muscle from the lower eyelid to reduce bags and wrinkles. Dr. Asaadi’s approach involves removing fat and lifting the muscle for a natural look.

Jill’s Story: “I never thought I would need eye surgery, but one morning I woke up and noticed that under my eyes, there were bags that were hard to ignore. No amount of concealer or eye cream helped minimize them. It was frustrating because I looked a lot older and more tired than I actually was, and it seemed to have happened out of nowhere.” A self-described peopleperson, Jill also felt like her undereye bags were getting in the way of her social interactions. Once she realized they weren’t going away, she scheduled a consultation. She originally sought Dr. Asaadi out for under-eye filler, but he advised her that surgery was the best answer. “He suggested that I undergo both an upper and lower blepharoplasty to address the under-eye fat pads and my upper eyelids at the same time. I was hesitant, but he explained that correcting both areas would give the best overall result. If I addressed the under-eye bags alone, the upper-eye hooding would look more prominent. He also took time to go over the procedure in detail and answered all of my questions. When I got home, I explained to my husband that surgery was the only real option, and I broke out into tears. That’s when he said, ‘You know what, you have to do it.’” After surgery, Jill couldn’t believe the difference it made. “I looked refreshed, and my eyes looked more open and awake. I no longer felt the need to hide behind concealer or sunglasses. You underestimate how important eye contact is for connecting with people until you’re trying to avoid it. Overall, I am so happy with my results. Not only do my eyes look better, but I also feel better, happier and younger all around.”

“I was tired of using temporary skintightening creams and hiding behind large black sunglasses.”

My Future Self Thanked Me

Patient: Georgia, 62

Procedure: Facelift

Surgeon: Vero Beach, FL plastic surgeon Alan Durkin, MD

What it is: Aiming to lift and tighten sagging skin on the face and neck, a facelift involves making incisions around the hairline and ear, then removing excess skin and tissue. The remaining skin is then lifted and sutured into place.

Georgia’s Story: After more than two decades as a representative for various skin-care brands like Revision Skincare and Environ Skin Care, the importance of proper skin care has been ingrained in Georgia. “My history in the aesthetic industry definitely played a role in my decision to have a facelift, and also how well my results turned out. I always understood how skin reacts to various chemicals, and my philosophy has always been the cleaner, the better. When you’re a representative for medical-grade skin care, you know how important it is to use efficacious ingredients. That’s where my background using brands like Environ is so amazing. When Dr. Durkin examined me, he said I had the healthiest skin he’s ever seen on a 62-year-old.” Georgia adds that having healthier skin and using the right ingredients for more than 30 years also helped her healing. Her results, she says, have proven the effectiveness of her philosophy. “I look rested and rejuvenated, and I love it. It’s helped me look as young as I feel, and I couldn’t be happier. Overall, I believe that my dedication to my skincare routine and using medical-grade products helped condition my skin over time. I want everyone to know that an investment in proper skin care from an early age really can set you up for a smoother time aging gracefully and intentionally. I’m thrilled with how I look and feel, and I’m grateful for Dr. Durkin’s skill and expertise.”

“After a career spanning more than 30 years in the aesthetic industry, I was ready for a lift.”

Re-entering the Dating Pool

Patient: Brian, 60

Procedure: Deep-Plane Facelift and Necklift

Surgeon: Miami facial plastic surgeon Paul Afrooz, MD

What it is: Deep-plane facelifts and necklifts involve lifting and repositioning the underlying facial muscles and tissues to improve the appearance of the midface, jowls and neck. By accessing the deeper facial layers, a deep-plane facelift can provide comprehensive rejuvenation and create a natural, youthful look.

Brian’s Story: “Despite my dedication to exercise, I couldn’t get rid of the jowling and fullness in my lower face. It wasn’t about looking older, but rather wanting to feel more youthful during a transitional phase of my life. After thorough research, I met with several surgeons, but Dr. Afrooz stood out for his demeanor and expertise. I felt comfortable and confident in his hands.” After Brian discussed his concerns, Dr. Afrooz recommended a deep-plane facelift and necklift to address the loose skin around his jawline, neck and cheeks. “I’m thrilled with the outcome. When I share with others that I had facial surgery, no one can tell, even if they look closely for scars.” Brian says he thinks the stigma around men and plastic surgery is fading. “It depends on the individual, but those with an open mind can benefit from pursuing it. I was already dating attractive women, but I wanted to enhance my appearance and feel more aligned with who I am inside.” Brian adds that going to a surgeon who understood his concerns and focused on the areas that needed improvement was key. “He didn’t touch my eyes, as I wanted to still look natural. It was a wise decision because the results are seamless.” He notes the recovery period was challenging, lasting a couple of months, and he advises following all post-op instructions properly. However, he has no regrets. “It’s a personal journey that has transformed not only my look, but also my outlook. I feel renewed in this exciting new chapter of my life.”

“While I’ve never lacked self-confidence, my results have certainly given me a boost.”

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