Launch List: The Best New Beauty Products Launching in August

Launch List: The Best New Beauty Products Launching in August featured image

Hundreds of products come across our editors’ desks every month, but not all of them deliver on their claims or live up to the hype. (Not everything that goes viral on TikTok is a miracle worker.) This is our exclusive curation of the best-in-class new beauty products receiving rave reviews from our team and hitting shelves right now.

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Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream ($65)

The brand’s beloved (and best-selling) Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream just got an upgrade with this new formulation, which marries brightening ginseng extract and antioxidant vitamin E to both brighten dark circles and defend against the damaging effects of pollution. It still offers the same wrinkle-fighting power via peptides, so not to worry, but now it’s a true multitasker for the delicate eye area.

In clinical testing, after just seven days of use morning and night, 100 percent of participants saw smoother skin in the eye area; 97 percent saw reduced crow’s-feet; 96 percent saw diminished dark circles; 96 percent saw their wrinkles reduced in area, length, width, and depth; and 90 percent saw reduced puffiness/under-eye bags.


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MAC Cosmetics Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation ($46)

The brand’s biggest launch of the year, this serum-infused foundation is available in a whopping 56 shades! Utilizing its nearly four decades of experience in creating foundation, the brand developed a unique way to formulate for undertones. Lighter shades—NC5 to NC30—contain silver pearlescent particles, and deeper shades—NC35 to NW65—feature gold pearlescent particles.

Not only is the base of this foundation a skin-care serum, but 33 skin-care ingredients make up 80 percent of the formula. One is a hyaluronic acid blend, which lends to the lightweight, gel-like texture that feels refreshing on skin. Don’t expect full coverage, but it is buildable and goes on nicely with a brush. The goal here is glowy, naturally beautiful skin.

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Dyson Flyaway Smoother Attachment ($60)

The latest innovation in the brand’s Supersonic lineup, this is the first brush attachment created for the popular hair dryer, and it’s fully compatible with all existing models. An upgrade from the original Flyaway attachment, this one has two proprietary modes. Smoothing mode allows you to dry and style your hair with a sleeker look and feel (use this after you’ve used the dryer by itself to get your hair about 70-percent dry). Flyaway mode is meant to be used on dry hair only to get rid of pesky flyaways and give the hair a shiny finish. To switch between modes, rotate the end cap until it clicks.

Straight or slightly wavy hair will benefit from it most, though Dyson says any hair type can use it. Think of it as the tool that will get you one step closer to salon-worthy hair.

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Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Rapid Skin Renewing Water Cream ($92)

“Retinol has been the holy grail for well over 20 years in the industry, but everyone has been looking for a way to minimize its irritancy,” says Dr. Michael Traudt, vice president of claims, microbiology, analytical chemistry and consumer affairs for the brand. “It’s great stuff, but too many people have discomfort and choose not to use it. That’s why we created this product.”

We don’t typically see retinol included in water cream formulations, and this one has a really addictive, whipped-like texture that melts into skin. It doesn’t sacrifice efficacy—smoothing fine lines, repairing sun damage, firming the skin—but it’s surprisingly tolerable.

“It’s truly a game changer,” adds Susan Zuckerman, the brand’s vice president of global marketing. “It’s formulated with HPR, which is a high-performance retinoid that is 10 times more potent than pure retinol and gentle on skin. You really get the best of both worlds. In our testing, 100 percent of women saw a reduction in lines and wrinkles and firmer, more radiant skin. But what really sets this apart is that 100 percent of women also felt that it was comfortable on their skin, even first-time retinol users.”

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Glo Skin Beauty Oil-Free Tinted Primer SPF 30 ($50)

“The reason why we prime is to extend the longevity of our makeup and achieve a smooth, even complexion,” says Anna de la Cruz, master esthetician and director of product development for the brand. “And when you introduce more of multitasker like this that has a tint to it, you can now use it as as a really sheer lightweight foundation, too. But if you want to build coverage, you can layer this under your foundation. You also have great sun protection with 23-percent zinc oxide, and a nice mattifying effect for those with oily or combination skin.”

It’s packed with skin-care ingredients, too, including a stable form of vitamin C, multitasking niacinamide and decongesting salicylic acid (less than 0.5 percent). The whipped consistency is super airy and melts beautifully into the skin, so much so that you almost forget that you’re wearing it. Considering it has mineral sunscreen in it, that’s a big deal.

“My entire beauty kit is stocked with Glo Skin Beauty and all my clients love it,” says celebrity makeup artist and brand educator Janeena Billera. “This is going to be one of those products they can’t live without.”

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Lancôme Rénergie H.P.N. 300-Peptide Cream ($145)

“HPN stands for the three hero ingredients—hyaluronic acid, peptides and niacinamide—in our patent-pending formula,” says Dr. Jotie Saini, director of scientific communications for the brand. “We’ve included 300 peptides from three plants that we are know are rich in the ingredient, including linseed, lupine and peas. The sequences work with the peptides that exist in our skin naturally. More isn’t always better, but more variety is better, which is why we ended up with 300 different kinds of specialized peptides that do different things.”

Those “things,” include multiple benefits—a visible reduction in the appearance of lower face sagging skin, wrinkles and dark spots—with results that were proven during testing on more than 770 women. “With regular use twice a day, this moisturizer significantly increased the thickness of epidermis after 20 days,” Dr. Saini explains. “It enhances collagen Type 3 expression, and when tested on women ages 40 to 59, their skin cell turnover rate increased as well. We administered 504 tests to ensure the quality of this formula.” It’s also refillable!

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Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur + Smooth Tint Stick ($35)

“I wanted to create that take-with-you-anywhere foundation that’s so easy to use, you can’t mess it up,” says founder Rihanna. “The stick format is so convenient, and the formula just melts into your skin for a smooth as butter complexion that looks like your skin, just better.”

Available in 25 flexible shades, it boasts a super unique texture for a foundation stick and is unlike any other we’ve tried. It’s essentially a skin tint in stick form, rather than a medium- or full-coverage foundation, which is what we typically expect from stick formats. It’s also really easy to blend in with your fingers if you’re in a rush and applying makeup on-the-go, though I personally still love using a brush. And if that wasn’t enough, the packaging is fully recyclable and designed so that you can twist it all the way up to the very end, which means no wasted product.

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Beekman 1802 Coconut Cream Whipped Body Cream ($38)

If you consistently avoid using scented body products out of fear that they will irritate your sensitive skin, this is the product to try. With more than 15 years of research on the skin’s microbiome, it makes sense that the brand would be the first to license fragrance house Givaudan’s My Z-Biome trademark and technology.

Essentially, this new technology allows for synthetic fragrance to be infused in the body cream without irritating the skin. And in this case, that yummy fragrance is coconut cream: think creamy coconut milk mixed with vanilla. In clinical testing, the goat milk–based formula caused zero irritation and maintained a healthy skin barrier. We love the whipped texture too!

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Benefit Cosmetics Fan Fest Fanning Volumizing Mascara ($28)

“This mascara expands the lashes east to west for a fanned-out look,” says Maggie Ford Danielson, brand ambassador and director of brand outreach. “Who doesn’t want a fluttery, fanned-out lash? It’s sexy. The jet-black formula amplifies volume and multiplies the look of your lashes without clumping, which is a widespread issue.”

The brush is curved at 40 degrees, which Danielson says was intentional to hug the curvature of the eye on nearly every eye shape. “It features a combination of short and long bristles—220 to be exact—and each one has a wave pattern on it so your lashes settle in between the bristles to spread them out for an even application.” (Aka, no clumping). “The formula contains a lot of nourishing ingredients to help keep the lashes pliable and hydrated so they spread easier, but we also included rice bran wax to increase the wear of the mascara.”

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MAËLYS B-VAIN Vein Blurring Serum ($49)

This first-of-its-kind serum claims to decrease and lighten the appearance of veins, whether they’re genetic or the result of pregnancy or the general aging process. A key ingredient is patented Menthyl Nicotinate, which breaks down into menthol and niacin on the skin. This provides a nice cooling sensation as the algae-infused formula works to energize the skin and reduce the look of stubborn veins.

In a 56-day trial with 30 participants, the serum clinically proved to decrease the appearance of veins, visibly lighten the appearance of veins, and decrease the visible intensity of the appearance of veins.

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Madison Reed Bonding Time Bond Building Treatment ($30)

Joining the fast-growing bond repair category is this new serum treatment that you can use at home, or have added to your color service at any of the brand’s Hair Color Bars. “It’s a professional-strength formula that reduces 71 percent of breakage immediately after you use it, and it’s also gentle enough that you can use it every time you wash your hair if you want,” says LaMont Ford, hairstylist and general manager of Madison Reed Hair Color Bar in Baltimore.

Ford says the treatment isn’t heat-activated, so you can also use it when you’re air-drying your hair. “It fills the cuticle and repairs damage for gorgeous, glossy hair. I like to think of it like instant Botox for your hair.” And of course it’s color-safe. The brand included black spruce extract to shield strands from UV damage and other environmental aggressors that cause fading.

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OLAY Super Serum ($35)

Essentially five serums in one pretty bottle, this formula challenged the brand’s scientists (in the U.S. and Singapore) in a completely new way. The result? A new technological breakthrough called activated niacinamide, which OLAY says works more effectively with the skin and improves the efficacy of the ingredient in terms of its ability to improve skin tone and texture.

In addition to those two benefits, it also helps firm skin, reduce fine lines and increase hydration. This is accomplished with the help of other key ingredients, including vitamin C, vitamin E, collagen peptide, and lactic acid. We also love the iridescent purple color of the serum that blends in clear as it’s massaged into the skin, and the lightweight, nongreasy texture.

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LAWLESS Forget the Filler Skin-Plumping Line Smoothing Perfecting Cream ($52)

Expanding the popular Forget the Filler franchise into skin care, this cloud-like cream contains Maxi-Youth, which is a clinically proven biomimetic hyaluronic acid complex that contains Glycokines obtained by fermentation. Mix this efficacious ingredient with peptides and other age-defying actives, and you get a smoothing moisturizer that also creates a seamless base for foundation and other makeup.

“As the founder of LAWLESS Beauty, but also a busy mom and someone who suffers from multiple auto-immune diseases, it is of the utmost importance that our products go beyond standard parameters for ‘clean beauty’ and outperform conventional beauty favorites,” says Annie Lawless. “Because of our stringent guidelines, we have to navigate around traditional ingredients that are typically utilized in order to maintain superior efficacy. It took us a dizzying number of modifications to ensure the texture was perfect, include the highest concentration of skin-care actives, and ensure the formula would enhance the performance of makeup.”

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T3 CurlWrap 1.25” Automatic Curling Iron ($200)

I am a big fan of beauty tools that help me save time in my routine, and automatic curling irons are a game changer. This new one from T3 features a 1.25-inch auto-rotating barrel (it curls both ways to get both sides of your head), as well as nine different heat settings to suit every hair type.

And if that weren’t enough, it also takes the technology up a notch by adding “smart timers” that signal you when each curl has been formed. For me, this is a nice addition because so many of us hold the iron in each curl for longer than is necessary to get results. More heat equals more hair damage, so this convenient reminder is helpful.

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Makeup by Mario SurrealSkin Awakening Concealer ($29)

Celebrity makeup artist and brand founder Mario Dedivanovic’s most requested product is finally here. And if you’re a fan of his SurrealSkin Foundation, you’re sure to love this concealer. Available in 22 shades, it features a unique Lift & Lock Technology that means the concealer doesn’t need to be set with powder—it sets itself and stays put all day.

True to the SurrealSkin franchise, it gives you that second-skin finish without any cakiness. And if you’re using it under your eyes to help cover dark circles, Mario also included caffeine for some de-puffing action.

“I’ve always dreamed of creating my own signature concealer, and it’s finally here,” Dedivanovic says. “This groundbreaking formula blurs and brightens beautifully.”

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JOON Haircare Sumac Scalp Scrub ($38)

Growing up in the hair-care world and working for her father’s successful salon business, founder Shiva Tavakoli knows a thing or two about great products. “JOON is a hair-care line inspired by my Persian grandparents, but it’s more than just about being another brand. It’s really an immigrant story—an underdog story about celebrating your history. We created a line that marries ancient tradition with modern science. We really wanted to incorporate grade-A ingredients, but make sure to also create a product that works really well.”

A few of those ingredients include traditionals Persian spice sumac, mint and fenugreek. Harnessing their scalp and hair benefits, this two-in-one shampoo and scrub helps remove product buildup, support healthy hair growth, and moisturize the scalp. It’s a revitalizing treat to use in the shower and rinses well from the hair. It’s also safe to use on color-treated hair, keratin-treated hair or hair extensions.

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Pat McGrath Labs IntensiFEYES Longwear Primer ($32)

Known for her gorgeous eyeshadow palettes (and the stunning looks she creates with them for red carpets and fashion shows), Pat McGrath is now adding an eyeshadow primer to her collection to tie everything together. Available in one universal shade that seamlessly smooths and preps the lids on all skin tones (it blends in translucent), it’s crease-proof, water-resistant and will ensure that your shadow won’t smudge for up to 24 hours. The formula is also ophthalmologist-tested.

“It’s not just a primer; it’s a transformative canvas that amplifies color and dimension, allowing your eyeshadow to pop with unyielding intensity,” says McGrath. Apply a few dots to each eyelid (a little bit is all you need) and blend it in with your fingers or the applicator.

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Nécessaire The Body Acne Wash ($28)

For those struggling with body breakouts, this medicated gel body wash may provide some much-needed relief. The blend of acne-fighting salicylic acid (2 percent), oil-controlling zinc PCA, and brightening niacinamide makes for the perfect combination on the quest for clearer skin. It also won’t strip or dry out the skin thanks to the addition of 10-percent glycerin and the omitting of harsh sulfates. Other key ingredients include antibacterial rosemary extract, rosemary water and rosemary oil.

In a clinical study over the course of four weeks, when paired with Nécessaire’s new The Body Acne Solution, 71 percent of participants had less acne, 67 percent had fewer post-acne marks, and 62 percent had clearer skin. We love the choice to package the body wash in a 100-percent post consumer recycled aluminum bottle, too.

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Peter Thomas Roth INSTANT FIRMx LIP FILLER ($29)

“The lip category is on fire this year and ,” says Jeff Burge, the brand’s director of global marketing. “What makes this product really unique is that it’s not just another lip plumper. Of course it does do that at a clinically proven level using Maxi-Lip, but this formula is powered by a powerful peptide complex called LineFill that also smooths lip lines. It delivers instant an instant visual transformation as well as a long-term clinical skin-care treatment. The more you use it, the more your results will improve.”

It’s also super moisturizing thanks to hyaluronic acid filling spheres and a mix of natural oils: pomegranate, coconut and squalane. Though the formula has a light pink tone out of the tube, it blends in with your natural lip color. “It also primes the lips really nicely for lipstick, though you can wear it alone too for a gorgeous, hydrated look,” says Burge. “Another pro tip: You can apply it before bed and wear it overnight for plumper, more nourished lips. In our clinical testing, 91 percent of people agreed that their lip lines looked filled in after just one week of use.”

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SpoiledChild M26 Damage Reverser ($49)

For those who regularly use hot styling tools or frequently color their hair, which both contribute largely to damage—a repairing mask is necessary to maintain smooth, silky hair. This one is meant to be used twice a week, and relies on collagen, argan oil, avocado oil and keratin to repair breakage while also strengthening hair to resist future damage. It’s super concentrated, but doesn’t leave the hair greasy (if you use it the right way, as detailed below).

After washing your hair, scoop out a decent amount (the brand recommends two quarter-size dollops), and then apply it evenly from the mid-lengths down—avoid your roots and scalp. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse. It smells good too!

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