I Tried BioHacking: The Celeb-Loved Treatment for Wellness and Longevity

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As I stepped off a 5-hour flight from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles, my body was feeling the three-hour time difference. With a 15-hour journey to Sydney, Australia, on the horizon, I needed a quick boost of energy and to cut swelling and inflammation at the knees. That’s when I learned about the concept of biohacking, a wellness trend loved by celebrities, like Brooke Burke and Tom Brady, which promises to optimize the performance of the mind and body through tailored health hacks and practices.

What is biohacking?

During my layover, I made a stop at The Fairmont Spa Century Plaza where Alison Kirsten, director of spa and wellness, shed light on the biohacking phenomenon. “Biohacking refers to the practice of making changes to one’s biology, typically through self-experimentation and the use of technology, in order to enhance physical and cognitive abilities, optimize health, and achieve personal goals.” Kirsten highlighted how biohacking is gaining traction due to its focus on health optimization, technology, and the desire for improved performance.

What does biohacking do?

My treatment involved reclining on an anti-gravity bed, which relieved pressure from my joints, along with a HigherDose Mat. The HigherDose Mat employs Magnetic Field Therapy, heat, and healing crystals. Additionally, a pair of NormaTech Lymphatic Drain boots worked to detoxify and massage my swollen ankles. To soothe the stress response, a NuCalm Disc, activating my parasympathetic nervous system, enhanced my relaxation. Simultaneously, a meditation journey, utilizing specific frequencies to promote positivity, increase memory, and enhance awareness, resonated through noise-canceling headphones. All the while, I wore a blackout eye mask. I felt like the epitome of wellness, and my body couldn’t help but relax, unwind, and rejuvenate during those blissful 60 minutes.

“Biohacking empowers individuals to understand their own biology and body best,” Kaite Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri, co-founders of HigherDOSE, explained. “PEMF, pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy is our hack for grounding, as the frequency waves emitted emulate the earth’s core Schumann resonance and promote relaxation, muscle recovery, improved sleep and reduced stress. We recommend starting slow and building a relationship with your body. For example starting with infrared sauna to detox or red light two to three times a week, then building what’s best for you uniquely. Once you know your baseline you can stack and increase frequently to challenge yourself. We believe there’s more information to share around holistic health and consumers who are seeking support beyond the ‘one size fits all’ approach to health.”

My 60-minute biohacking treatment at the Fairmont Century Plaza Spa featured a meditation journey, lymphatic drainage boots, a NuCalm stress relief treatment and a hi-fem magnetic therapy heat and lLED light.

Physiologist William Moore, Owner of AdvancedYOU, emphasized the cellular benefits of biohacking. “Optimizing cellular function and reducing biological age can enhance both the quality and quantity of life,” Moore says. “Regarding anti-aging and longevity-focused biohacking, the earlier one starts, the better. Contemporary living exposes our bodies to unprecedented stress levels that previous generations did not experience. The current generation of children is expected to commonly surpass 100 years of age, but achieving this requires addressing and reversing the aging process.

Two driving factors for this trend are our increased access to technology and our culture of information sharing, says Kristin. “Wearable devices and genetic testing have made biohacking more accessible. Real-time data and insights into genetic predispositions enable informed decisions about health. There are also many online communities and forums that foster knowledge exchange among biohackers. This democratization of information has empowered people to take control of their health.”

What did it feel like?

In my case, my treatment at the Fairmont Century Plaza spa made me feel super human, as the effect of my first cross-country flight melted away. The short session left me refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the next leg of my journey. Every sensory treatment helped my mind slip away while the compression boots improved the circulation in my lower legs. As I learned, the world of biohacking offers a myriad of optimization techniques, which together worked their magic. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, an entrepreneur chasing productivity, or simply someone seeking better health, biohacking can open your body and mind to new possibilities.

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