Chelsea Handler’s Life-Changing Skin Treatment

Chelsea Handler is the latest celebrity to discover the power of a great laser facial

The 41-year-old comedienne posted a before-and-after shot of her skin on Instagram after undergoing a ProFractional laser treatment and the results were so jaw-dropping that almost 58,000 people hit the "heart" button.

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In the pre-treatment photo, Handler can be seen with some redness, pigmentation and lines. In the after photo, her skin is youthful and glowing without a spot in sight.
"Before and after. #profractional laser." Handler wrote in the comments. "It's f-- awesome and no one is paying me to tell you about it. Bam! To answer questions: I did it on a Thursday and filmed my show on Monday. I go to Melissa Montes at Honest Dermatology in Encino, California. I did level 75. You can go up to level 400."

According to Richmond, VA, plastic surgeon Ruth Hillelson MD, the ProFractional laser is a resurfacing fractioning laser that is less painful than the Fraxel laser and requires less downtime. It targets problem areas deep in the skin without damaging the surrounding areas and encourages new collagen production, which gives way to a smoother, softer, more even-toned complexion.

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  • Sarah
    Posted on

    Not being paid? Maybe not. Free treatments? Definitely.

  • Hari
    Posted on

    Dermatologists, what is the best treatment in your opinion? ProFractional, Fraxel or Halo. Please advise!

  • cb
    Posted on

    I've had CO2 Fractional Laser twice, not sure how this procedure differs, but you can go from looking like a horror movie to looking presentable in 4-7 days. However, that before pic appears to be right after the treatment, not a BEFORE pic, which seems to be how she's presenting it? Confused. But yeah, lasers are great.

  • mike
    Posted on

    As a person that administers these treatments, this is a total fallacy. Chelsea in the after picture is wearing a ton of makeup. This laser absolutely works and greatly, but it takes months and months to see phenomenal results, not 4 days.

  • skeptic
    Posted on

    She's got makeup on in the after photo.

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    This is total bull. I work in dermatology. No laser removes moles, to get her skin looking this good would take multiple fraxel treatments, IPL laser treatment, lots of Botox and many fillers. You are red, peeling and flaky for about a week after fraxel. The 1st few days after you can see the swelling and holes in the face, it feels like a horrible sunburn.

  • Edith Thurman
    Posted on

    Cheryl I agree! I've done micro needling myself and it took longer than four days for the skin to recover! Plus lasers and needles both the best effects won't be seen till about the 3-4 month mark, not to mention the makeup she has on!

  • Robin
    Posted on

    The lighting and the angle in the first photo is completely different than the after photo

  • Janie R
    Posted on

    She is obviously wearing make up. No skin can heal that fast in 4 days. Impossible. Just adverting hype and it just reduces the credibility of this site. Please only present viable products and procedures giving pros and cons, to allow the consumers make an educated decision.

  • Cheryl Thompson
    Posted on

    I am having a very hard time believing that's the after is only 4 days later. I call bull

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