The 5 Types of Body Fat (And How to Treat Them)

It’s not easy keeping a slender physique. Fighting fat can be an every day battle, but some body parts are in fact more susceptible to fat than others. Our bodies all distribute and store fat differently due in part to factors such as body types, genes, age and diet. Do you ever wonder why you’re storing fat in a certain spot? It might be more than just too many cookies.

Back Fat
Caused by: Genes and poor-fitting clothes
Lumps and rolls that accumulate on the upper back and around the bra line can be bothersome and hard to disguise. Sometimes back fat has a genetic component. Not wearing a properly fitted bra can also be cause for unsightly back fat. When the back band is too tight or ill-fitting it can create a bulge since the fabric is digging into the skin.

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Butt Fat
Caused by: Genes and body shape
While your genes are partially to blame for fat that accumulates in the butt, your body shape is also responsible. Pear-shaped bodies tend to carry extra weight in their butts. On the other hand, if your butt is too small to bear the extra fat, it may appear to be larger than it really is.

Belly Fat
Caused by: Empty calories and fat
Fat in the stomach is the result of empty calories and fat from food, especially sugar and refined carbohydrates. Some belly fat lives deep within the stomach, existing as dermal fat; other fat lives closer to the surface. “If you can pinch the stomach and there is fat, then that fat is superficial, which can be addressed surgically,” says Fort Lauderdale, FL, plastic surgeon Zoran Potparic, MD. “On the other hand, if your stomach appears to be protruding and almost swollen, and you can’t pinch the fat, then the fat is deep inside the abdomen and losing weight is the only viable option,” he adds. The best way to combat excess fat in the stomach is with cardiovascular exercise.

Thigh Fat (saddlebags)
Caused by: Gender and the aging process
Commonly referred to as saddlebags, fat that accumulates on the thighs and hip area is some of the hardest to target. Genetics and gender are two components that determine how our bodies respond to fat. And this is especially true of fat in the thighs, particularly the inner thighs. With age, fewer calories are burned. Plus, fat that settles in the thighs is thicker in nature, which gives way to a less defined figure. Treating the saddlebags with liposuction may actually make your butt look better since it creates a more proportionate look.

Arm Fat
Caused by: Weight gain
Fat accrues in the arms because of too much weight gain overall. The arms are often one of the last parts to gain weight because they contain few fat cells—fat gets stored there when there is nowhere else for it to go. Once the fat deposits in the arms, they become saggy and flabby.

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  • Sally
    Posted on

    I would like to have fat injections for breast enhancement. Has anyone had experience with this procedure? Does it last? Is it more expensive than the other procedures? Is there a doctor who specializes in breast augmentation?

  • Nancy
    Posted on

    Superficial fat in the stomach can be addressed surgically? That's the answer?

  • Eliza
    Posted on

    I can't say I'll take this as fact sounds like mostly rubbish. 'Arm fat caused by too much weight gain overall ' I store fat in my arms and I have little fat stored elsewhere my arms are the last place I loose fat.

  • ???
    Posted on

    How long does It take to burn off 1 pound of belly fat

  • Claire
    Posted on

    I had lipo done on my flanks. I was a spoon shape. 2 years after the liposuction, I am now a V shape. I have upper arm, upper back, and upper ab fat. Little do women know, flanks, thighs, and butts add curves. Don't get rid of them, just accentuate them with exercise and weight loss.

  • gaylyn
    Posted on

    i found it interesting about the stomach fat, after being , thin for years i have fat there,, and it must be empty caloiries, too many crackers etc. helpful .

  • Vieve
    Posted on

    I agree with Pat. What's the point of this if there are no suggestions on how to remedy it. you have these problems .

  • pat
    Posted on

    it tells you noting not how to improve just that your fat. how is this helpful this is a wasteof time to print this info

  • Dela
    Posted on

    I think that this misleads the average size woman. You are even pointing out fat on an athletic body. How much does she have to look like the average male?

  • Noelle
    Posted on

    I found this article very helpful, as I am always looking for ways to improve my physique. It helps to know which problem areas are caused by genetics and which are due to poor diet/excercise.

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