A Top Dermatologist Gets Candid About What You Can Really Expect From CoolSculpting

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Efficacious body fat–destroying procedures are far and few in between, but because physical results of diet and exercise can be limited for many, these treatments are certainly in high demand. CoolSculpting, one of the more talked-about fat-reduction treatments on the market, successfully uses cold temperatures to freeze fat cells and eliminate them, making it a celebrity- and general consumer-favorite alike. 

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Because of its popularity, you probably already know a great deal about CoolSculpting and its remarkable results. However, even with all the positive praise, it’s important to do plenty of research before deciding to try it. So, we tapped a top dermatologist for the four most important facts to know about CoolSculpting before you try it. 

1. CoolSculpting is not a fat loss procedure. 
“[This works] for anyone looking for a better shape and contour without having any downtime or recovery,” explains San Diego dermatologist Eugene Nowak, DO. “If anyone is looking for more dramatic results, they’ll need more than CoolSculpting.” Translation: CoolSculpting does not replace liposuction; it simply diminishes fat cells in a targeted area.

2. The procedure can produce great results, but it does not control your future. “Gaining weight can contradict your results,” explains Nowak, adding that better results can be achieved with higher levels of exercise and healthy eating.

3. There’s a chance of post-treatment bruising.
“It’s not invasive, so there’s no downtime, but patients may experience tenderness to the touch, swelling and bruising which can last three to seven days,” Dr. Nowak says.

4. You may need more than one treatment.
According to Dr. Nowak, even though many people benefit from a single session, additional treatments can actually improve your results. “CoolSculpting can be done more than once to maximize results and can be combined with other skin-tightening treatments to enhance the skin appearance.”

  • Drea
    Posted on

    I went in and had Coolsculpting done. I did it because I had lost about 25 pounds but still had a small pouch in my lower abdomen. After 3 months I didn’t see the results I thought I’d see. Instead I noticed the pouch I once had was still there but much bigger and now looks odd. I believe the person doing the procedure didn’t know how to properly place the pads or the suction. I $1400 hard earned dollars on this procedure hoping to see a problem area go away. What a WASTE of money.

  • Jamie Travers
    Posted on

    I had coolsculpting done with my dermatologist and it was complete disaster. It began with the suction device not fit properly on my upper abdomen which then the torture began for an hour of intense pain which persisted for almost 45 minutes at which point I literally began to lose feeling in the area. After about 2 months I didn't see any results but what I did notice was an odd ripple above my belly button at which point I went back to my doctor who shall remain nameless. She herself was very upset and admitted the coolsculpting caused a deformity to the treated area. $3000 FOR A DEFORMITY! I then decided to try the sculpsure with 8 applicators targeting my upper and lower abdomen. Within 6 weeks I noticed a tremendous change. The sculpsure removed a chunk of my stomach and evened out the bump from the coolsculpting. The cost of this treatment was only $1800 at Manhattan Aesthetics. BOTTOM LINE: AVOID COOLSCULPTING AT ALL COSTS SCULPSURE IS A MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER OPTION.

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