Halle Berry Says Using This Tool to Keep Her Brows Groomed Has Become Her New ‘Obsession’

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Halle Berry Says Using This Tool to Keep Her Brows Groomed Has Become Her New ‘Obsession’ featured image
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Not only are Halle Berry’s bikini bod and fitness routines #goals, and her confidence inspiring, but in a recent interview with the award-winning actress, I discovered she’s also a bit of a beauty junkie at heart. Her latest beauty venture is a partnership with Flawless Finishing Touch, a brand I know well (I’m a big fan of the Facial Hair Remover), which I had the chance to talk to the A-lister about, and much more, this week.

I feel like you don’t typically wear a lot of makeup. Would you agree?
“That is true. I’m just not a makeup wearer generally. When I go to a press event or a party or to work, sure. But just in my everyday life, I’m just more of a less-is-more kind of person; I’m a bit more natural than that. And I do take the health of my skin very seriously, and covering it in makeup all day doesn’t bode well for great skin, and for my skin to stay great as I continue to age. I’ve just gotten really used to my real self without makeup.”

What two products are you using regularly in your beauty routine these days?
“Probably Flawless Brows because I’m obsessed with my eyebrows now and I’m trying to get them in the right shape that I want and that requires that I do a little bit almost every day because my eyebrows grow really fast, so that’s in my bag. And brown mascara, which I really love now. I like wearing mascara, but I don’t like black mascara anymore—I’m into brown now.”

Is there a particular brand of brown mascara that you prefer?
“No not necessarily—I try all different ones.”

You mentioned you’re into brows now, so is that something you’ve recently gotten into, perhaps with some more time at home?
“I’ve all of sudden become obsessed with them, I don’t know why! [laughs] I never really cared very much before, but lately, I’m just really into wanting them to be thick and healthy and natural, so that’s become a little obsession.”

And you said your eyebrows are growing really fast. Do you attribute that to anything?
“Probably a healthy diet. I think most things that grow really fast on our body—our hair, our nails—comes down to our diet.”

Do you eat pretty clean?
“Pretty clean. I’m diabetic, so I have to for my health.”

How did your partnership with Finishing Touch Flawless come about? And is the brow tool your favorite?
“It is one of my favorites, although the Flawless Cleanse is also one of my other favorites to get my face primed up for my facials. They asked me to come down to their headquarters to talk to me about the products—they knew I was a fan—and the minute I sat down at the conference table and saw all the products laid out, I just started touching everything and playing with everything. I was so taken by all of them, and the first thing that catches my eye is that they’re so beautiful and so sexy and they feel beautiful in your hands, and the rose gold color is right up my alley.

Hair removal has always had a stigma for women, but these tools are so beautiful, that it helped me take the stigma out of hair removal. Once I really tried out all the products, I thought, not only are these beautiful, but they actually work. I’m so proud to be part of this company because I know I’m telling people about something I really believe in.”

And they’re affordable, which many of us can appreciate.
“Everybody can, especially during COVID times. Even outside of COVID, everybody wants a good deal. Everybody wants value. We work hard for our money and we want value for it.”

I know you’re so passionate about fitness. What is your current workout routine, and has it changed due to the pandemic?
“My routine didn’t change very much throughout COVID because I always sort of did it in a more private way anyway. I’m big into martial arts like jujitsu, taekwondo, judo and kickboxing, so all those things I did before, I continued to do the whole time. And I do a lot of things at home: on my #FitnessFriday on my IG, I’ve always talked about for years now how we don’t need a big fancy gym membership. You can work out with paper plates and water bottles, one little piece of equipment, two 10-pound dumbbells. You can do a full workout with a little in the comfort of your own home.”

Have you always been passionate about fitness or is that something that sort of came with the Hollywood territory?
“Always—I was a gymnast as a kid. I went to junior Olympics and then I tore some ligaments, so my dreams of being a gold medalist got dashed when I was about 13. Then I became diabetic when I was 19, so fitness has been a part of getting myself off insulin and taking good care of myself. So I’d say fitness has always been a big part of life for different reasons.”

Do you ever have days when you feel unmotivated?
“Many days. It’s not always easy to do it just because I know I should and I reap positive benefits from it, albeit health or physical benefits. It’s hard some days to bring yourself to do things that you’d rather not do. And on those when it’s really heavy on me, I just don’t do it. I give myself a break. And by giving myself a break one day, then I’m renewed to go back the next day. I think it’s important that we take breaks and give ourselves our chance to rest when we feel like it, and listen to our bodies.”

You’re also the founder of health and wellness platform rē•spin. What can someone expect if they join the community?
“Our mission statement is ‘We want to help you rethink everything you thought you knew.’ We’re going to talk about health, wellness and fitness—mind, body and soul—but also help you remind yourself of what conventional ways of thinking are, and then give you options and ways to think about how to do life differently today. How those old, outdated ideas of wellness, health and fitness just don’t work anymore, and here’s a bunch of new ways. And how bout we help you find a fitness routine that works for you. I’m ketogenic—that works for my body type—but how can we help you figure out what works for your body type. We encourage you to choose one and then stick to it, so we all can live mindfully. I think that’s very important.”

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