Erin Andrews Talks At-Home Lasers, Prenatal Vitamins and Stocking Up on Eye Masks

Erin Andrews Talks At-Home Lasers, Prenatal Vitamins and Stocking Up on Eye Masks featured image

She’s a longtime NFL sideline reporter and frequent traveler (in-season, she flies 12 hours a week!) and now Erin Andrews has two new jobs as mother to baby Mack and a spokesperson for Thorne. As the 45-year-old shared with us over Zoom, it’s a brand that helped support her for nine years during her IVF and surrogacy journey, and she’s stocking up on the vitamin C—and a lot of eye masks—this season.

Congrats on the partnership. What are you liking from the brand right now?

Try the collagen! The collagen is really good in your coffee in the morning—regardless of if you’re doing a fertility journey or not. I did the prenatal for like nine years, and I still use it because I feel like there’s so much good stuff in prenatal. I’m pumping the vitamin C right now too—literally three times a day. Magnesium is also such a hot thing to take right now, plus it has calcium in it. Omega is also freaking awesome for anti-inflammation, brain, all that stuff. I take it all! I’m obsessed.

I guess this partnership was pretty organic for you.

Yes. With the whole fertility journey and all that stuff, it was something that my fertility doctor, my regular doctor, my specialist, my acupuncturist all told me to try. When you get ready to do the fertility process, they give you a list of supplements you should be taking and you’re like, “Oh my God. How am I even going to put all of this in my body in one day?”

Like I said, after doing it for nine years, it just became ingrained in me that I need this stuff. I’ve had girlfriends who haven’t done the fertility journey and they’re like, “What’s in omega? Why do you need that?” I’m like, “It’s great for your body. These are all the reasons why.” We’re done with IVF now, but I’ve kept it a part of my routine because I have to be healthy for six months out of the year. I’m around a ton of people, a ton of germs, I’m on planes 12 hours a week, and then I head home to a brand-new baby. I sort of have to do it for myself; I love it.

I know you travel a ton. What do you do for your own self-care on the road?

Supplements really are the biggest thing for me. I have to keep my health up. I’m also a big worker-outer. I do it more so for my mental health—whether it’s 30 minutes on the Peloton app, or I get on a treadmill, I do something. I’ve got to do it for my head.

I’m trying to drink a lot of water…although I’m mixing in a ton of coffee right now to stay awake. I also have my skin routine, obviously, because I’m wearing a ton of makeup on the field. I’m trying really hard to just stay hydrated and moisturized. I’ve never used so many eye patches in my entire life! I don’t want people to know that I look like a very tired 45-year-old with a new baby.

I’ve also started doing the LYMA Laser. That’s not an ad! I wish it was, but I’ve been breaking it out on my flights, A, for my breakouts, and B, for my pigmentation. So, yes, I’m trying all the things right now!

Good for you. Are you doing any massage or any facials right now?

I don’t have time for it. But I’ve been going to a lot of chiropractor work for my hips and my back. Lifting the luggage into the overhead, standing on a field for six to seven hours, sitting on a plane in one position…it’s really taken a toll on my hips and my back, which affects everything in your body. That’s one thing I’m definitely trying to do.

I’m going to start going to acupuncture again. I did a lot of that during the fertility process, but I loved it in terms of your immune system as well. I think it helps you well, mentally. It’s just hard when you’re on the road because I don’t have a lot of time at home—and I need to spend that time with my baby—so finding time to do the other stuff, like all moms say, it’s not easy. But those are the big wellness ones I have to get in.

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