Can You Really ‘Undo’ a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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There’s been a lot of speculation recently about celebrities undoing their suspected, yet unconfirmed, Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries in favor of a more natural look. Despite BBL surgery being increasingly popular in mainstream media, the exaggerated aesthetic that comes to mind when referencing the surgery has not. While we can wonder all day about whether a famous person has or hasn’t had their butt done or re-done, we thought it better to ask the experts if it’s even possible.

What Is a BBL Revision?

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves removing fat from one or multiple areas of the body and injecting it into the butt. After the surgery, about 30-50 percent of the injected fat remains long-term. For a BBL revision, surgeons say reshaping the buttocks involves taking out that fat. “The results could be reversed by removing the fat via liposuction, either by taking out all of the fat or altering the result by removing just some of the fat,” explains Louisville, KY plastic surgeon Chet Mays, MD. “If large volumes of fat are injected and left for long periods of time, like 1-2 liters, then the skin could be stretched and possibly not retract.”

What Results Can You Expect?

Grand Rapids, MI plastic surgeon Dr. David R. Alfonso says that while a revision can improve the area, you might not get the same shape you had originally before the BBL. “Swelling and contour irregularities to the buttocks are potential side effects of treating that area,” he says. “The goal is to communicate with the patient very thoroughly before surgery to get a sense of their expectations and if their body will allow what they desire.”

What to Know Beforehand

If the BBL result is new, waiting before attempting a revision is necessary says Dr. Alfonso. “It’s recommended to wait at least three months to allow swelling and any fat to be absorbed. Performing a revision too early could lead to an inaccurate amount of fat removal.”

“If patient has buyer’s remorse or the trends change, they need to understand that a revision requires more surgery and sometimes can be more expensive and leave more scarring,” adds Dr. Mays. “As plastic surgeons, we go into procedures not anticipating a revision or going back to the pre-surgical result. We are artist to the body and ultimately our goal is to meet the patient’s expectation.”

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