The Internet Can’t Stop Watching This Aesthetician’s Crazy Blackhead Removing Technique

Watching someone getting their individual pores cleaned sounds like it should be about as interesting as watching paint dry—but if there’s one thing the Internet has made clear about humanity, it’s that we’re actually all fascinated and cannot look away. Thanks to technology like the zoom feature on phone cameras and instant uploading to social media, the mostly mundane (and oftentimes unpleasant) task of extracting blackheads now serves a whole new purpose: online entertainment. According to many people, not only is it fascinating and satisfying to watch—it’s hypnotizing, even soothing.

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Well, it’s no wonder then that the latest pore-cleaning video has already amassed almost 17 million views in just half a week, with commenters calling it “satisfying,” “relaxing,” and “wonderful.” But this video is also a little different from the rest, showing a technique we’ve never seen before that is so precise, clean and oddly, even looks painless. In the clip, an aesthetician is seen using what seems to be a medical-grade curved tweezer to apply downward pressure to the skin and then simply pulls out individual blackheads one by one. Take a look below, but please don't try this at home.