This New Peptide Could Be One Of The Biggest Breakthroughs in Skin Care

Peptides are a skin care mainstay for the mere fact that they produce new collagen in the skin, reduce inflammation and wrinkles and smooth skin. Peptides, which are a type of amino acid, are crucial for skin that looks plump and more elastic because they can actually tell skin cells how to repair themselves and how to function. Think of peptides as collagen stimulations and skin problem-solvers without the need for injury or inflammation.

Copper peptides and neuropeptides are two of the most commonly used types in skin care, but a new breakthrough adds another one to the mix.

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Discovered by a Russian nuclear physicist, defensins are power-packed peptides that claim to simulate dormant stem cells to activate the skin’s regenerative properties. Products like DefenAge ($380) rely on defensins to activate skin cells to minimize the effects of aging—fewer wrinkles and firmer, brighter skin—on the surface.

So, does this new discovery mean that defensins will change the way we fight aging? Stay tuned to NewBeauty to find out!