Tata Harper Predicts The Biggest Skin Care Trend of 2016

Tata Harper Predicts The Biggest Skin Care Trend of 2016 featured image

Over the past few years, Tata Harper has exploded onto the beauty scene, with her skin care line beloved by legions of devotees from Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore to practically every beauty editor we’ve encountered. And, there’s good reason for this: Tata is a bonafide skin care expert. Not only do her products feel luxurious and smell so good, but they are also good for you, packed with nutritious all-natural ingredients that she farms herself, and infused with the latest natural technologies. Below, our newest guest editor shares her top tips and the latest, most important developments in beauty.

NewBeauty: What natural ingredient do you believe in the most?
Tata Harper: I’m really into neuropeptides right now. I think that neuro-aging technology is one of the most exciting, cutting-edge technologies in skin care overall, and most of the neuropeptide ingredients available are natural, which is the most exciting part. I love them because they soften expression lines and reduce wrinkle depth by constantly relaxing the muscle contraction just beneath the skin’s surface, reducing the ability of wrinkles to form. Some of the neuropeptides we use now are snowflake bulb extract, hibiscus neuropeptide, spilanthes extract and Spanish lavender. They really pause the progression of deep wrinkles, but they do so in a really delicate way. They don’t affect the expression of your face, but they get the job done. 

NB: What do you think is going to be the biggest skin care trend of 2016?
TH: Products that combat the aging effects of pollution. There’s been a lot of studies recently on the effects of greenhouse gases and air pollution on our skin, and the conclusion is that it’s as damaging as UV exposure. I think we’ll be seeing many solutions for urban clients who need to think about that element of their skin care as well; our own Purifying Cleanser is specifically developed to remove environmental pollutants from skin, and we’re working on a Mask that we’ll be launching in February that is a powerful detox treatment just for that purpose. It’s an exciting trend!

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NB: What are three beauty rules every woman should know?
TH: First, exfoliate every day with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Our skin produces dead cells every day, and they build up on the surface of the skin, causing blackheads and dullness. Clearing them off daily yields skin that’s glowy and fresh, plus it allows your serums and moisturizers to actually penetrate better, so it improves the efficacy of your whole regimen. 

Second, use an eye cream every day. I think that women in their 20s should start with an eye cream as the first anti aging product they invest in because the eye area is typically where the first fine lines start to appear. Also, people often think they can just use a serum around their eyes, but the skin in the eye area is very unique and needs a formula that’s developed specifically for it. You won’t get the same results if you just use your face serum around your eyes. 

Third, avoid using soapy cleansers with detergents, because they strip skin of hydration and upset the pH balance, opening up your skin’s protective moisture barrier. People think that cleansers are really basic and that anything will do, like  even hand soap, but the right kind of cleanser can add so much to the health and glow of your skin. If you wash your face at night with a soap, you’re removing all of the hydration from the moisturizer that you applied in the morning. It’s really damaging and you won’t see cumulative results. 

NB: You have great hair. What’s your hair care philosophy?
TH: Thank you! I have very dry, fragile hair, so my hair care philosophy is mostly about moisture and nourishment. I’m all about pre-shampoo moisture treatments, and these days I’ve been using my Revitalizing Body Oil and even the Redefining Body Balm on my scalp and on the ends of my hair. They’re both super lush hydrating treatments for skin, but they’re loaded with nourishing oils that promote healthy hair, too. Then I wash them out with Rahua shampoo. Right now, I feel like I am still searching for a hair care brand that delivers results and performance without a single synthetic chemical ingredient—it’s hard for me to find hair products that meet my natural standards, but I do my best.

NB: What are you most looking forward to in your 40s?
TH: I’m really excited to start traveling more with my kids and to show them the world. Right now, they’re 6, 5 and 3 years old, so traveling is a huge undertaking. Within the next few years, they’ll really be able to appreciate the places we go and start forming those memories of travel that last forever.

NB: If you weren’t doing beauty, what would you be doing? If you weren’t growing beauty ingredients on your farm, what would you be growing?
TH: It’s so hard to imagine what I’d be doing if I wasn’t in the beauty world because it’s such a fulfilling job for me. I was on a real estate development path before I began investigating skin care, so I’d probably still be doing that and using my industrial engineering degree to build lofts and condominiums. Right now on the farm we grow both beauty ingredients and herbs and veggies for our house, so we’d probably just be growing more edibles! We grow garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, peppers, and even corn; we’d add to that list, and would probably expand our flower garden as well.

NB: How do you de-stress in New York?
TH: I love going to Central Park to take a walk—the Rambles is my favorite area because it’s so wild and beautiful. It’s so calming for me to get that time outdoors among trees; it immediately de-stresses me.

NB: What are your current health and fitness obsessions?
TH: I’m really into TRX for fitness and I take algae supplements—bluegreen algae, chlorella and spirulina. I’m also trying to have as much miso soup as possible, for its probiotic benefits!

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