These $9 Bath Salts Are as Close to Buying a Spa as You Can Get at Target

Image/Instagram @mayfairsoapfoundry

I really despise any product that includes the descriptor “turns your bathroom into a spa.” 

Measuring in at a five foot-by-five foot box (and that might be a generous guess), my bathroom is so tiny and cramped that there’s no way anyone is going to mistake it for anything remotely spa-like—and, no matter how much lavender might be thrown into it, a product in a jar doesn’t stand a chance to successfully make it over.

But, the new Mayfair Soap Foundry Sea Lily Jasmine Bath Salts ($9) definitely come pretty close. 

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The pretty package of amazingly scented minerals work like magic to take away the day’s stresses (there’s an equally great-smelling grapefruity-bergamot blend that is a bit more energizing), no matter how un-Zen (or small) your bathroom may look. 

The salts are fresh, fast-acting and force you to instantly relax while soothing your skin. Plus, they’re phthalate-free, paraben-free, sodium lauryl and sulfate-free and they don't leave the bath tub greasy or oily.

An added bonus: The plastic bottle (it actually looks like fancy glass) easily sort of squeezes the salts out, so there’s no mess or a massive amount falling out in a too-big pile all at once. And, when you place the product on your sink or vanity, everything just looks a little bit more chic.