Jane Fonda Doesn't Have to Fight for the Limelight

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The day after the Oscars is always a fun day to work in the media. Commentators and tastemakers across the web go wild dishing on red carpet looks—declaring whose style was killer and whose stylist should have been killed—but honestly, the only star I can't stop thinking about (weeks later) is Jane Fonda.

The woman is 75-years-old and holds as much, if not more, grace and beauty as she did as a newcomer on the scene almost 50 years ago. In one of the liveliest, curve-hugging yellow Versace gowns you have ever seen, she was loud and proud. Fonda is like a Hollywood supernova—shining with the brightness of 10 billion suns.

In her "third act," what she calls the last three decades of life, this actress, model and fitness-guru has been really honest and forthcoming about what it means to live and age in the limelight. She often speaks of how she dealt with low self-esteem and bulimia, but now, as a senior citizen, she understands who she is. "When you are inside oldness, as opposed to looking at it from the outside, fear subsides. You realize you are still yourself, perhaps even more so," said Fonda during a Ted Talk last year. 

She has also been very transparent about wanting to look how she feels, telling Matt Lauer on the Today Show back in 2011 all about her plastic surgery. She says that she didn’t feel pressure to maintain a certain look. "I just decided I wanted to buy myself some time and look more like how I feel." And as it turns out, she "feels" like she has a tighter chin, neck and no bags under her eyes, so she had them operated on by Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Robert Hutcherson, MD.

We know it's not only the cosmetic enhancement Fonda has had done that has us ogling her from head to toe, she works out like a fiend—yes, she's still putting out fitness DVD after fitness DVD. And of course, she has good genes. But I think what really makes her stand out is the way she carries herself—proud. As she should be. 

  • April
    Posted on

    She is aging well and good for her to be honest about any procedures she chooses to do!

  • Susanna Hudson
    Posted on

    He is an amazing doctor who like to stay out of the limelight

  • Dana Garcia
    Posted on

    Dr Hutcherson is the best plastic surgeon in the whole wide world:) I would do it again and again:) Kudos to Jane Fonda!

  • Anita Roberts
    Posted on

    So how does the average woman compete with a Jane Fonda who has had plastic surgery! Ridiculous !

  • Violet Lyford
    Posted on

    She looks good, but who wouldn't if they had the same plastic surgery? Why do you glorify her? She is a traitor! I can never look at her with any kind of admiration after she betrayed imprisoned soldiers who thought she would help free them. They slipped her personal information, which she handed right over to their captors in their presence. Great lady!!

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