Makeup Makeover: Heidi Goes Green

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While 39-year-old model and host Heidi Klum can almost do no wrong when it comes to style and beauty, there are some moments that are better than others. With that said, we love this green-eyed makeup makeover she recently sported on the red carpet. That’s why we went to celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass to find out how to recreate it for ourselves.

Bass says Heidi's eye makeup looks so great because it elongates her eyes, separating them and opening them for a doe-eyed look. To do it yourself, "line the top and bottom lashes with dark brown pencil and smudge it. Blend a shimmery green cream shadow into the upper lids and crease, then layer with a lighter shade. After, line the bottom lashes with the same color. Add gold shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes and blend halfway along the lower lash line," she says. For a palette that has a range of green and gold shades, try Dior 5 Couleurs Designer in Royal Kaki ($59).

Finally, add "mascara and individual lashes from the mid to end of the upper lash line to finish it off," says Bass. Watch this video to see how to make individual lashes look real.

As for her vibrant skin, "I think Heidi's glow comes from within, but to recreate it, use a bronzer with a slight shimmer and add a pop of peachy pink blush on the apples of the cheeks," she explains.

To keep lips from getting dry or flakey, and get a shiny pout like Heidi's, make sure to use a good lip gloss and exfoliate your lips at least once a week by gently brushing them with a dry toothbrush. 

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    The secret to flawless makeup is fabulous skincare. Also lets not forget proper hydration. I know that we tend to forget drinking water and hydration when its winter. There are so many rules in proper makeup application, but also rules are meant to be broken. So the whole concept that a certain eye color should have this or that color eyeshadow is not always the best answer. Go for a consultation at your favorite makeup counter, play with colors, see what works best for your skin. Keep it simple you are not a professional so chances are you wont be using 5 different brushes and all kinds of shades of colors. The same way that winter skincare is different so should make up be as well. And do NOT cover your face with galons of foundation, treat the skin properly so that the makeup can go on smooth and show your complexion properly! You will be glad you did!

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