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Anyone who’s ever had a dramatic haircut can agree—it can change your life. A pair of scissors and a talented hairstylist can do amazing things for more than just your hair. But should you change your makeup along with the cut...similar to the way you would if you colored your hair?

That was one NewBeauty reader’s dilemma. She asked, Can you tell me how changing your hairstyle affects the makeup you are using and how you should change it?  I understand hair color but not the changing of a hairstyle.

Luckily, NewBeauty is here to help! “Your makeup and hair, both style and cut, should work together and be complementary of one another,” says NewBeauty executive beauty editor Elise Minton. “If one is not on par with the other, it can create more of an aged or even out of date appearance.”

One way to update your makeup is to let your new haircut inspire your look. Celebrity makeup artist Aura Schwartz recently went for a 1920’s flapper haircut, so she opted for a more retro makeup look like burgundy lipstick instead of her regular red.

“I love bright red or fuchsia lips with short hair,” says Schwartz. “A summer glow complexion and a bit of nude gloss looks beautiful with long flowy hair. And there is nothing like strong brows and heavy mascara for a pixie cut.”

As for color, if you’re lightening your hair, “Go for neutral colors like light peach, nude or pale pinks and softer eye makeup with shades like beige, champagne and browns,” says celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson.

If you’re switching to a darker hair color, playing with your lip color will help make it pop. “I recommend lip color with slightly richer tones like different types of red, darker pinks and berries,” says Hanson.

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  • Loni Hale MUA
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    After owning salons for over 12 years, specializing in hair color and wearing every color under the sun personally...even I, have a small adjustment period of re-learning makeup changes that I need to consider-after a dramatic change in hue. I find the deep dark colors I wore as a younger person aren't fitting for me now. Darker hair requires darker brows, mascara and even deeper color for cheek and lips etc. Lighter hair obviously...marries well with much sheerer and softer levels of makeup palettes. I prefer never using Black macaras on a blonde. Black brown is much softer and still dark enough for drama. Blondes should always consider filling in the brow - using yellow or taupe undertone blonde shadows and an angle brush. As we age, darker shadows are created on the face. Dark hair colors can enhance under eye circles and "drooping" in the lax skin areas of the face. Lighter hair or hi lights may be a solution.

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