Draw Out Difficult Blackheads

Have you ever been so frustrated by blackheads that you want to take a DustBuster to your face and just suck them all out? Well, we don't recommend doing that, but we do recommend a symbolic solution from Dr. Brandt.

Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner is a 10-minute mask that helps loosen up clogged pores and extract those heinous blackheads. It uses silicone dioxide to essentially pull out debris and extra sebum, while alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids-salicylic and glycolic acids to be exact-soften and smooth. A special rose-sourced ingredient tightens pores back up when the cleansing is complete.

We love the cooling feeling Vacuum Cleaner creates as it does its duty, not to mention the bottle-matching blue it turns while you wear it. (We're willing to look like Smurfs for a few minutes if it means no blackheads!)

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  • Houston, TX
    Posted on

    I recently tried this product, and it really works! I've tried just about everything available, and nothing worked as good as this "vacuum cleaner" to clean pores on my nose.

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