Courteney Cox Uses This Crazy-Looking Bed to Keep Her Skin Firm

Photo Credits: E! Entertainment / Contributor / Getty Images

The secret to aging like Courteney Cox may lie in a full-sized at-home LED light bed. In a light-hearted video posted today on Instagram, the Friends icon gave us another glimpse into her everyday life—this time, laying on top of her own personal LightStim LED Bed

The first FDA-cleared, red-light LED bed is usually only found in select professional spas and doctors’ offices, but the 55-year-old seems to have scored her own, and houses it in her home gym for easy and frequent use. (Goals.)

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As seen by Cox’s puppies jumping up and down from the bed, the high-tech table bed is extremely gentle, and has a long list of immediate and long-term benefits, such as temporarily relieving muscle and joint pain, reducing inflammation, revving up blood circulation and releasing endorphins. When paired with the matching facial panel (also seen in Cox's video), benefits include reduced blemishes, firmer-looking skin and ironed-out wrinkles. 

More A-list fans of the LED light’s powers include Emily Ratajkowski and Julianne Moore, who frequent celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas’ spa for a similar bed, and Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen, who visit their longtime facialist Shani Darden for a dose of the good lighting on a regular basis.