Best News Ever: Study Shows This Holiday Ingredient Boosts Metabolism and Aids in Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, this sweet seasoning could be a beneficial addition to your diet.

In a new study cinnamon was found to boosts the metabolism in mouse and human fat cells.

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Researchers from University of Michigan tested the effects of the essential oil that give the spice it’s flavor, cinnamaldehyde. They found that the oil triggered mouse and human cells to start burning calories through a process called thermogenesis. It also increased the activity in genes, enzymes and proteins that are known to enhance fat metabolism.

According to Jun Wu, the lead author of the study that was published in the journal Metabolism, consuming cinnamon on a regular basis can cause fat cells to burn some energy instead of storing it all.

With that being said, he notes that a dash of cinnamon every now and again may not result in immediate noticeable effects. But it also doesn’t take a large amount all at once to do anything. "If you eat it every day," she says. "We suspect there will be a cumulative effect, and that over time you will achieve these benefits."

He recommends eating a bit more than you normally do to see it's effects. "If you already eat a lot of it, carry on—and if it’s not something you use regularly, it’s a great time to start."