The Cult Classic Cream Jessica Chastain Relies On

Jessica Chastain is one of those actresses that makes beauty look effortless. She doesn’t seem to need much more than her porcelain complexion, signature red hair and striking features to make an impression on the red carpet. 

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My ever constant traveling companion #Chaplin #Cannes2017

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In addition to traveling to movie sets and attending film festivals in exotic locales, the 40-year-old actress was also recently wed in Venice and honeymooned this summer in Africa. To save her alabaster skin from the perils of constantly traveling from place to place, she tells People she uses Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream ($24) anytime she’s on a plane. “As soon as I get on a plane, I wash my face and put this cream on,” she said.

A lack of humidity in the air of an airplane cabin can lead to super dehydrated skin. This cult classic skin savior, which is said to mimic a salve used by the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, harnesses ingredients known for their hydrating properties. The 100-percent natural balm includes honey, olive oil, beeswax, royal jelly extract, propolis and bee pollen—and can be used anywhere on the body and even in your hair. It’s no wonder Jessica, and countless others, swear by this “magic” cream.