This New Skin Care Line Was Made for the Minimalist

Even if it's streamlined, if you're a beauty junkie, you most likely don't have the most "minimalist" approach to skin care. A toner here, a face wash here, a different line's cleanser here and a whole bunch of other companies' moisturizers, masks and serums there...chances are that that many-step rundown has some semblance to your own.

Greg Alterman wants to change all that. From your bathroom to your closet, the entrepreneur thinks we're overcomplicating life, and his new m/f line is hoping to make it simple again—via a "minimalist attitude"—no matter who you are.

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Coined a "one-stop-shop," the m/f products look modernly chic, with white packaging and simple messaging. There's a Glycolic Herbal Toner ($22), a Hyaluronic Vit-C Serum ($48), a Charcoal Mask ($38) and a Transformational Oil ($32)—those are for the active ingredient skin care devotees—plus hair, body, dental care and even apparel, each of which aim to deliver multitasking benefits, eliminate the clutter around your bathroom and entire home, and help you get out the door faster. The line also prides itself on the fact that it contains minimal ingredients (only what your skin needs!) to achieve maximum results and all products are cruelty-, gluten-, dye-, and paraben-free.

As for their efficacy? Yes, that works too. Even if you are someone who doesn't typically "go light" with products, all the the items are easy-to-understand, easy-to-use and won't disrupt (or erupt) even the most sensitive skin types. Welcome to the simple life