This Is the Newest Way to Care For Your Smile Without Going to the Dentist

As much as going to the dentist isn't fun, it’s a must. Avoiding your bi-annual trips to the dentist for a cleaning offers no benefits. Failure to take care of your smile not only results in teeth that can appear dingy and discolored, but the health of your gums can become compromised, too.

While we aren’t discounting the importance of seeing your dentist regularly, there’s a new device out there than can help keep your smile healthy. The DPL Oral Care Laser ($149) is the first FDA-cleared LED light system that treats the teeth themselves and the gums. Unlike so many other smile tools on the market, which solely whiten and brighten the teeth, this one combines red, blue and infrared light together to improve the health of your gums.

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When used for 10 minutes per day, the device, which resembles a mouthguard and fits over the bottom and lower teeth and the gums, stimulates gum tissue by increasing circulation via the LED lights. In return, redness and inflammation decrease.

The blue lights embedded in the laser target the teeth to whiten and brighten them, as well as kill lingering bacteria in the mouth that can lead to more serious problems like gingivitis and gum disease.