Madonna Bathes In an Ingredient That Could Be the Next Big Thing for Better Skin

Not one to ever disappoint, and always ahead of the curve, Madonna is, simply put, a trendsetter. She never follows them but rather creates them.

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And we just got wind of what she’s choosing to take her baths in these days, and our guess is that this is going to be the next best thing. Brace yourself because it’s totally atypical of what most of us bathe in. But Madonna isn’t like the rest of us, which is why it makes total sense that the Material Girl dips into a bath of fresh basil and finishes it off with MDNA Finishing Creme.

While it may sound strange, basil, like so many other plants and herbs, actually boasts several beauty benefits like acting as a solution for acne and redness, doubling as an antiseptic, and even helping to decrease skin dryness. In fact, some spas, like The French Manor Inn and Spa and the Dorado Beach Resort, even have treatments on the menu that make use of the herb, too.

  • Ann
    Posted on

    Clicked on it, I believe this to be a product Madonna is either paid to endorse or has financial interest in

  • Sarah
    Posted on

    The best thing to do would be to eat the basil. Bathing with it will have 0 effect. All this comes from the inside out people, not the other way.

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