Goldie Hawn Goes Social With Her Anti-Aging Routine

Goldie Hawn knows a thing or two about getting America to laugh. And her latest effort doesn't involve a movie but rather a picture she posted on her Instagram account showing the 71-year-old's beauty routine.

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Dressed in a blue slip and donning rollers in her hair and a face full of masks, Goldie posted this photo as she is "getting ready" with the caption reading, "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do." Quite a lot of 'doing' is going on here, if you ask us.

Whether this is actually Goldie's daily getting ready routine or if she was just hamming it up for the camera, we got to admit that she looks absolutely amazing, despite the fact that she's over 70. 

Whatever you're doing Goldie, keep doing it!

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  • Renee B
    Posted on

    Work in film as a hair stylist makeup artist. Goldie will always be beautiful. Yes it is self care. Also beauty has a lot to do with the inside. Being pro active taking care of the inside too. Getting tough when things get tough by always pushing forward and helping others and not forgetting self. Personally I love natural items. Many people strange as it seems can have sensitivites to natural plant based beauty products. Find what works for you.😍 Be beautiful!

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