This Everyday Drink May Be Messing Up Your Vitamin Intake

If you take your vitamins at breakfast time like many of us do, you might be making a simple mistake that could affect your overall health. 

As reported on by DailyMail, researchers have discovered that swallowing vitamin supplements with hot tea or coffee can negate their positive effects. A University of East Anglia study found that hot drinks, which contain special compounds, can inhibit the absorption of iron, specifically, by up to 73 percent.

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The researchers also found that if you consume these hot beverages while eating probiotic foods like yogurts, they can even kill the "friendly" bacteria that is beneficial for digestion and overall health.

Experts interviewed by DailyMail suggest waiting at least an hour before consuming hot drinks after taking vitamins. Medical nutritionist, Dr. Sarah Brewer, said: "I don’t advise taking probiotics, vitamin or mineral supplements with tea or coffee." 

Glenn Gibson, professor of food microbiology at the University of Reading, says breakfast is still the best time to take pills, as the gut has rested overnight and is therefore more receptive. He advises washing them down with water or milk to ensure the potency and any "bacteria" remains effective.