Kim Kardashian’s Nutritionist Reveals The 3 Diet Tips That Helped the Reality Star Lose 70 Pounds

Kim Kardashian’s journey back to her pre-baby body is a publically documented affair. From sharing her daily food journal to her body tightening procedures to her daily workouts, the reality star is seemingly trying every trick in the book. While experts don’t always recommend some of the more outrageous tactics Kardashian is employing, there are occasionally a few good tips we can steal for ourselves.

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In an interview with Elite Daily, Kardashian’s personal nutritionist Colette Heimowitz says that the TV star incorporates three key diet tips into her every meal, which helped her lose 60 pounds after her first baby and 70 pounds after her second.  First is that she eats a lot of protein, which Heimowitz explains helps to keep her satisfied and controls hunger. The second rule is always to choose the highest fiber carbohydrate available and the last is to add some kind of healthy fat to the meal. “If you follow these three basic rules, you’ll cut back on sugar and carbohydrates and be healthier in the long run,” says Heimowitz.