Study Says Eating This Candy While Pregnant Will Lower IQ in Offspring

It may sound like a typical pregnancy “craving,” but eating large amounts of black licorice with a baby on the way isn't a duo that should go together, according to a new study published in American Journal of Epidemiology.

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The study, conducted by the University of Helsinki, found that large amounts of licorice during pregnancy can have long-term effects—as in a lower IQ, ADHD-like behavior and early puberty in girls—on a developing fetus. The candy has been placed on Finland’s “not recommended” list for pregnant women.

As Medial Daily reports, eating too much black licorice can even pose a risk for non-pregnant individuals, as the compound glycyrrhizin, which comes from the licorice root, can cause potassium to fall, which can lead to high blood pressure and various heart problems.