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Between her very public divorce and her often controversial appearances on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville knows a thing or two about keeping up appearances. The former fashion model, who has worked with such iconic design houses as Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Gucci, took time to share her beauty tips and secrets with NewBeauty.

You’re always in the spotlight and somehow you manage to always look flawless. How do you keep your skin looking so good? I have problematic skin so I really rely on great makeup, concealer, foundation and powder.

How has your skin-care routine changed over the years? I started getting acne in my 20s—it’s difficult to treat because my skin is also dry and sensitive. I’ve been using Retin-A since I was a teenager and I really think that’s why my skin has semi-held up over the years. I’m a frustrated dermatologist in my head so I buy every gadget and new product out there. One good thing about my busy schedule is that it leaves me less time to mess with my skin (I’m a picker).

Did you pick up any interesting skin-care tips or tricks during your years as a model? I was always the model hanging with the hair and makeup people on jobs picking their brains. I think my favorite trick is when you have a red mark or pimple on your face, if you put a drop of Visine on it—it actually takes the red out!

What are your must-have skin-care products? I’m constantly changing my routine and trying new products, but never change my three staples: Retin-A, EMK Placental Serum and Clinique All About Eyes.

Are you always up for trying new products or do you prefer to stick to what you know works? I switch my products up so that my skin doesn’t get in a rut. If you use the same products for too long, they stop working as well as they did in the beginning.

What is the one skin-care product you never leave home without? I always have sunscreen in my purse and/or car. I use Ti Silc SPF 45 and also Senscience (it’s a powder with SPF 30 and it is clear—great for when I’m wearing makeup).

What is the one skin-care product that you think everyone should use? Retin-A shrinks pores, speeds cell turnover, helps fade dark marks and is an all around amazing product that has stood the test of time. Although it requires a prescription, it’s relatively affordable.

How do you maintain a perfect tan but still keep yourself protected from all that California sun? I am very careful about tanning, I use very high SPFs with Helioplex while I am in the sun because I am very prone to melasma. If I am looking for a glow I will just get a spray tan or use some self-tanner.

Aside from your favorite products, are there any skin-care treatments that you have experienced? I’m obsessed with preventative alternatives to surgery, like lasers and IPL treatments. I’ve done perfecta, Fraxel, and recently had ultrasound skin tightening therapy called Ulthera.

As a mother, what skin-care advice would you offer expectant mothers for maintaining healthy skin during and after pregnancy? When I was pregnant I was basically a giant ball of grease. I slathered on Palmers coco butter lotion and Bio oil and I am very pleased to say I am stretch mark free. One big mistake I made while pregnant was tanning my belly, which has led to some creepy loose skin. Don’t tan your belly gals!

What are some of your favorite spa indulgences? I’m not a massage gal, but I love a great body scrub and oxygen facials.

What’s your secret to great-looking hair? As I get older, my hair isn’t what it used to be. It has thinned out a bit and the texture is a bit more frizzy than it used to be so I have a small row of sewn in extensions in the back (the only problem with those is that men hate them!).

How do you stay in such great shape? I’ve been doing Pilates for many years with my trainer Amanda Gold. I work very hard, but have to admit that my figure is partly due to good genetics. If I can’t get to the gym, I put on a pair of high heels for the day (that’s a work out in itself) and once you’re versed in Pilates, you can basically do it all day long. I also try and take the stairs whenever time permits and skip the elevator (which scares me anyhow).

Do you have any other fitness tips to share? Squeeze your bum on your way up and down the stairs it will keep your bum sitting pretty!

What do you think are the most important keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle? I think it’s really important to take deep breaths throughout your day, try and see the positive side of things and always smile!

Finally, what everyone wants to know—will you be returning for the next season of RHOBH and what other projects are you working on? We haven’t heard anything back from RHOBH as of yet, but I do have a book coming out that will hopefully help women going through similar struggles and challenges dealing with the aftermath of divorce. I have a lot of other fun things coming up that I look forward to sharing when the timing is right!

Look for more from Brandi Glanville in our Summer-Fall issue of NewBeauty Magazine!

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