The Very Best Neck Creams That Help Firm Aging Skin

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If your skin-care routine stops at your chin, I have some unsettling news. The skin on your neck and chest is actually thinner than the skin on your face. (If you thought the opposite, you’re not alone.) Thanks to this unfortunate design, constant smartphone use and (as unintentional as it may be) neglect of the area, this delicate skin is especially susceptible to signs of aging. Before wrinkles, horizontal lines, crepiness, loss of elasticity and dehydration pass a point of no return, consider a skin-care product for your neck; it’s just as essential as your face.

Is neck cream necessary?

The skin on our necks is some of the thinnest on our bodies. Add in environmental factors like sun damage, pollution and our addiction to hand-held screens, the neck and chest are uniquely at risk for signs of aging like sagging and horizontal lines. Including a dedicated product designed for this type of skin is a no brainer.

Can’t I just use my face moisturizer on my neck?

There are great all-in-one formulas made for the face, jawline, neck and décolletage. (Several favorites made this list.) Just make sure the product specifies neck care so you know you’re giving the area the TLC it deserves (and not wasting precious product where it’s not effective.)

What ingredients should I look for in a neck product?

You’ll notice peptides are a key ingredient in many neck care products because of their proven ability to improve firmness and skin elasticity (the skin’s ability to stretch and bounce back into place). Retinol is another popular ingredient thanks to its abilities to speed up cell turnover and reduce the look of wrinkles. Dry, dehydrated skin exacerbates lines and wrinkles, so hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and shea butter make a lot of ingredient lists as well. But by far, the most important skin-care tip for your neck and chest is sun protection. Because sun exposure is the biggest culprit of premature skin aging, it’s a non-negotiable to wear SPF on your neck and chest daily.

The 14 Best Anti-Aging Neck Creams

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SkinMedica Neck Correct Cream ($135)

SkinMedica blends powerhouse antioxidants, peptides and mushroom to create a luxurious cream for the neck and décolleté area. The formula works to counteract wrinkles, horizontal lines (the dreaded “tech neck”), crepey skin and sagging skin and protect against future free-radical damage.

Westborough, MA facial plastic surgeon Min S. Ahn, MD, previously told NewBeauty he’s seen “great results” with Neck Correct. “Specifically designed for the delicate skin of the neck and décolletage, this serum helps to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles and crepey skin, all while improving the overall skin texture and tone. Our patients are really happy with the results!”

Size: 2 oz | Key ingredients: peptides, green microalgae, lemon balm, shitake mushroom extract | Best for: those who want to lift and firm the neck and décolleté area

BUY NOW – $135

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Alastin Restorative Neck Complex ($142)

Alastin’s Restorative Neck Complex contains a blend of antioxidants, peptides and omega-3 fatty acids that actually replace damaged collagen and elastin, giving skin a youthful bounce. It also works to minimizes redness and boosts hydration for overall healthier skin.

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: peptides, phytoene, flax seed extract | Best for: those concerned with both uneven skin texture and wrinkles

BUY NOW – $142

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SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair ($135)

Retinol is the star of SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair. “Retinol is a crucial element of every skin-care routine, as it speeds cellular turnover, the skin’s process for producing and revealing newer, healthier, and more youthful-looking skin,” explains Palo Alto, CA facial plastic surgeon Sachin Parikh, MD. And while retinol has a reputation of being irritating to some, Dr. Parikh once told us this SkinCeuticals formula is “gentle, safe and effective,” even for sensitive skin types.

Beverly Hills, CA dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD agrees. “It is a corrective tech-neck product that helps reduced collagen-denaturation and works on the horizontal neck lines, but is  gentle enough for the delicate skin of the neck.”

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: retinol, peptides, glaucine | Best for: early aging and mature skin types

BUY NOW – $135

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StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus ($99)

This do-it-all neck cream recently got an upgrade to include three kinds of peptides to visibly firm and lift aging neck skin. Its overall formula also improves the elasticity of the skin, minimizes horizontal lines and “sleep wrinkles,” and fades age spots in as little as four weeks, per the brand.

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: peptides, spilanthol, bearberry and clary sage extracts | Best for: those with multiple aging concerns

BUY NOW – $99

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NEOSTRATA Triple Firming Neck Cream ($88)

Neostrata uses NeoGlucosamine, a building block of hyaluronic acid, in this anti-aging neck cream (a 2020 NewBeauty Award winner!) to fade discoloration and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The product’s additional ingredients, including firming peptides and conditioning shea butter, help the neck look more lifted, smoother and evenly toned.

Omaha, NE dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, MD previously recommended Triple Firming Neck Cream to us because of NeoGlucosamine. “[It] is so effective at strengthening skin’s underlying support matrix for results you can truly see,” he explains.

Size: 2.8 oz | Key ingredients: NeoGlucosamine, NeoCitriate, amino acids | Best for: those looking for a non-sticky, fast-absorbing formula

BUY NOW – $88

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RoC Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Chest, Neck & Face Cream (originally $28, now $22)

Reduce dark spots and discoloration, improve elasticity, restore radiance, hydrate and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles with this cream that’s available at your local drugstore. It also doubles as an effective daily face moisturizer and provides SPF 30 protection. *chef’s kiss*

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: Hexyl-R Complex, vitamin C, shea butter, glycerin | Best for: anyone who wants just one product for the face and neck

BUY NOW – $22

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Revision Skincare Nectifirm ($106)

A great, quick-absorbing option is this lightweight cream from Revision Skincare. It blends antioxidants, peptides and plant extracts to lift and firm, boost skin elasticity, smooth texture and brighten the skin on your neck, décolletage and jawline.

Editor’s note: For a similar formula that better targets more intense signs of aging, consider Revision Skincare Nectifirm Advanced ($154). It’s a favorite of New York dermatologist Julie Russak, MD, and Melville, NY dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD.

“Nectifirm uses our own skin’s microbiome to deliver active ingredients under the skin. It does everything and more that you need for the neck: firms neck skin, helps the neck appear more lifted and makes the skin look tighter and smoother,” Dr. Russak explains. “It is my favorite neck cream for skin tightening and collagen production,” Dr. Papantoniou adds.

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: peptides, vitamins C and E, antioxidants | Best for: anyone with early-to-moderate signs of aging on the neck

BUY NOW – $106

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TATCHA Revitalizing Neck Cream ($112)

Hadasei-3, Tatcha’s prorietary trio of anti-aging Japanese superfoods, enhances the health and look of thin neck skin through antioxidant-rich green tea, red algae and moisturizing rice properties. Peony and vitamin C help revitalize skin’s radiance by brightening and firming the entire area as well.

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: Hadasei-3, vitamin C, botanicals | Best for: anyone with signs of premature skin aging

BUY NOW – $112

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Three Ships Beauty Firm Believer Goji Stem Cell + Pomegranate Smoothing Neck + Face Cream ($42)

This popular face and neck cream from Three Ships Beauty contains powerful botanicals to restore supple, smooth and youthful-looking skin. Goji berries amp up collagen production and improve elasticity, edelweiss helps lift aging skin and pomegranate reduces inflammation and brightens.

Size: 1.4 oz | Key ingredients: edelweiss, goji berry, pomegranate | Best for: mature and dry skin types

BUY NOW – $42

three ships beauty neck cream
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No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Serum (originally $27, now $19)

This budget-friendly serum blends collagen peptide technology with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and hibiscus to reduce the look of deep wrinkles and reverse dry skin effects on the face and neck.

Size: 1 oz | Key ingredients: retinol, hyaluronic acid, hibiscus, vitamin C, vitamin E | Best for: mature skin that can tolerate retinol

BUY NOW – $19

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Neck & Décolleté Cream ($255)

The anti-aging ingredients in Dr. Barbara Sturm’s luxurious neck cream specifically targets and treats the delicate skin on the neck and décolleté. Underrated but powerful properties such as skin-plumping mangosteen, smoothing prickly pear and firming shiitake mushroom create a truly unique formula that does it all to reverse signs of aging.

Size: 1.69 oz | Key ingredients: ceramides, shea butter, purslane, hyaluronic acid, prickly pear, shiitake mushroom, kombucha, vitamin E | Best for: those who want intense moisture

BUY NOW – $255

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iS CLINICAL Neckperfect Complex ($110)

Gentle exfoliation reveals a tighter, smoother and more sculpted neck, jawline and décolleté. Thanks to salicylic acid and AHAs, the look of fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots are diminished, while hyaluronic acid and quinoa provide essential hydration and protection from environmental aggressors that further age our skin.

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, fruit acids, quinoa | Best for: those looking for smoother skin texture and a more sculpted jawline

BUY NOW – $110

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Nécessaire The Neck Serum ($65)

The Neck Serum is a daily multi-peptide treatment for “tech neck” wrinkles and aging skin. The formula triggers the skin’s ability to create new collagen and support the collagen we currently have while strengthening and soothing the skin barrier. In a clinical study, 92 percent of participants said their neck looked firmer after four weeks.

Size: 1.7 oz | Key ingredients: peptides, niacinamide, rosewater | Best for: Anyone who spends all day looking at screens

BUY NOW – $65

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Elemis Pro-Collagen Neck & Décolleté Balm ($84)

Grab this unique moisturizing balm for immediate skin tightening thanks to tree fern, a natural extract that forms an elastic, resistant and continuous lifting 3-D network. Not to be outdone, sea buckthorn oil is one richest known plant-sources of omega-7, a potent skin-soother and anti-inflammatory agent.

Size: 1.6 oz | Key ingredients: brown algae, tree fern extract, sea buckthorn oil | Best for: anyone who wants a middle-ground option between a serum and a cream

BUY NOW – $84

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