10 Things You Should Throw Out of Your Bathroom Vanity Right Now

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Clearing out your space can be hard to do, especially when it’s the space you use to get ready in the mornings or glammed up for a night out. Our vanities are our workrooms and we tend to hold on to most of our “tools” for longer than we need to. A good rule of thumb is to take inventory every six months to toss what you don’t need and keep what you use the most. To help us narrow down the list, we asked hair, skin and makeup experts to share the number one product they recommend pitching first.

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“Many people have turned to a more minimalist makeup routine post-COVID and your beauty cabinet may be filled with a lot of makeup you don’t reach for anymore or that doesn’t represent your current tastes,” says Anastasia Bezrukova who is a certified KonMari expert and the founder of Minori. “Expired mascaras are particularly important to pay attention to as they can cause infection when used past their expiration date.”

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Old Eyeshadow Palettes

Bezrukova adds that eye shadow palettes, which end up turning into keepsakes as you add more to your collection, often go overlooked. “Get rid of palettes that only have one or two shades you use. As you rebuild your collection, keep in mind what you’ve decluttered and refocus on daily essentials.”

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Non-Biodegradable Wipes

Tisha Thompson, founder of LYS Beauty, says if you’re still using non-biodegradable wipes in your routine, it’s time to move on. “Single use makeup remover wipes are not sustainable and can be really harsh on the skin with daily use. I recommend switching to reusable towelettes and oil cleansers.”

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Used Dermarollers

Advanced aestheics nurse practitioner and skin expert Roberta Moradfar says DIY at-home dermarollers have been trending over the years, but that doesn’t mean they’re great for your skin. “Unfortunately improper use of dermarollers can leave you with permanent hyperpigmentation, scarring and damage,” she explains. “The needles in a dermaroller aren’t the right size to properly penetrate the skin, so it defeats the purpose of causing intentional trauma to the face.” Moradfar stresses to leave the needling to the professionals in a sterile environment.

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Old Extensions

Extensions have come a long way in terms of look, feel and sophisticated application means. Celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles, who recently collaborated with Glam Seamless on her own line, says to do away with older versions that no longer serve you. “Toss any bulky clip-in extensions where the clips are too thick. This makes the extensions appear more visible. Newer versions are much flatter and look more natural.”

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Hair Spritz

Giving hair not only a natural look, but a natural feel, is important, says celebrity hairstylist King Carter of Upgrade Boutique. For this reason, he says any hair product that uses a spritzing mechanism is passé. “You want to give the hair movement and flow,” he explains. “Spritzes will often give you a harder, crunchier look and feel. I would toss these from the vanity first.”

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Old Hairbrushes

Fekkai stylist Lisa Epperson says hairbrushes don’t get replaced enough and hairbrush upkeep rarely happens. “Generally people hold on to brushes for way too long and they don’t clean them like they should.” Epperson recommends shampooing your brush once a month. “I would invest in a Mason Pearson brush. They’re great quality and will last with proper care.”

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Pimple-Popping Tools

Whether it’s an extraction tool, the magnifying mirror or your own fingers, celebrity aesthetician Sarah Ford says put it all down immediately. “Being an aesthetician, the number-one concern I have with clients is that they try to pop their own pimples. My advice is to put away the magnifying mirror, stick to your home-care routine and see a professional.”

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Expired Moisturizer

Makeup artist Alexis Oakley notes to pay attention to the expiration dates on the jars and tubes of moisturizer that have been on your vanity the longest. Some experts say that lotions become less effective three years after they’ve expired. “I highly recommend checking every six months. A good moisturizer is key because it also preps the skin for flawless foundation application.”

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Coconut Oil

While coconut oil is a cooking and beauty staple for many, celebrity hairstylist Lovette Limones says to hold off on using it for your hair. “I know everyone thinks it’s hydrating, but it’s just coating the strands and blocking nutrients. Your hair will thank you once you ditch it because it’s very drying and does not allow any hydration in to nourish the hair.”


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