This Expert Says This Laser Is the Safest and Most Effective for Dark Skin Tones

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When it comes to laser treatments, individuals with darker skin tones have traditionally been more hesitant due to the potential risks of hyperpigmentation, scarring, and other adverse effects. However, many experts, including Houston, TX dermatologist Suneel Chilukuri, MD, believe that the ADVATx laser is the safest and most effective option for patients with dark skin tones.

Developed with virtually all skin types and tones in mind, this cutting-edge laser utilizes unique dual-wavelength technology to target specific skin concerns without damaging the surrounding tissue. Ahead, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the multitasking ADVATx laser and why Dr. Chilukuri recommends it as a top choice for patients seeking laser treatments.

ADVATx: What It Treats

Dr. Chilukuri admits that when somebody says something is a jack of all trades, it usually means it is a master of none. “In this case, ADVATx is a master of multiple things that we can choose from.” Dr. Chilukuri explains that the ADVATx laser is FDA/CE-cleared for more than 25 different indications, making it extremely unique. According to Dr. Chilukuri, the most common skin issues he treats with the laser include active acne, unwanted blood vessels on the face, early scarring, “especially after a recent surgery,” acne scarring, melasma, and most commonly, fine lines and skin texture changes. “The laser will help with the browns, the reds, and of course fine lines on the skin. It’s a very versatile device.”

The Best Option for Dark Skin Tones

Another unique component to the ADVATx is that it utilizes two specific wavelengths. According to Dr. Chilukuri, “The beauty of the ADVATx is that it uses two wavelengths: One’s a 589 nanometer one’s a 1319. The 1319 is completely color blind so you can treat all skin types.”

The specific target of lasers is called a chromophore, and in most cases, melanin is the chromophore that is targeted. Dr. Chilukuri says that “most of the lasers out there get absorbed by melanin, or the pigment that’s inside the skin.” However, this can be problematic for individuals with darker skin tones, as they have more pigment in their skin. When the melanin absorbs the laser energy, it can cause thermal burns.

ADVATx technology overcomes this issue by using a wavelength that is attracted to water instead of melanin. Dr. Chilukuri explains that “the water in the chromophore heats up by using this laser, it absorbs the energy, and then it will tighten the skin and improve the overall texture and quality.” Additionally, the ADVATx technology utilizes nano pulses to create energy that is of such a short frequency and time that it can effectively treat browns and reds without being absorbed by the normal pigment in our skin, making it especially beneficial for those with melasma and hyperpigmentation, as well.

Tested + True

In the past, most lasers have been tested on Fitzpatrick skin types one through three, limiting their efficacy and safety for patients with darker skin tones. However, the ADVATx stands out from the crowd as it was initially approved for use on skin types one through five, making it suitable for almost all skin types. Moreover, Dr. Chilukuri explains that the company that produces ADVATx invested in several dermatologists to exclusively test it on patients with darker skin types, specifically those with skin types four through six. “This extensive testing and approval demonstrates the commitment of the company to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their device for all skin types, providing patients with more options and better results.”

Safety + Reliability

Dr. Chilukuri describes the ADVATx laser as quite safe. “If you follow the protocols, it’s extremely safe to use on every skin type,” he says. One issue Dr. Chilukuri frequently encounters with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments is that the energy is often not as precisely controlled as with other devices. This can lead to IPL being absorbed by various chromophores in the skin, potentially causing laser burns. “However, with the ADVATx, we have a solution that allows us to safely and effectively treat these burns and improve overall skin quality. Unlike IPL, ADVATx uses two specific wavelengths, providing precise control and a greater level of safety for all skin types.”

Quick Results

A common complaint among laser treatment patients is the extended period it takes to see results. However, with the ADVATx, patients can experience immediate improvements, according to Dr. Chilukuri. “We see on-the-table results,” he notes. “We’ve seen patients with severe redness, eczema, and sensitive skin, especially during the colder months, who have received immediate relief from our treatment. By combining the power of 1319 with 589, we are able to repair the skin barrier, resulting in a softer, smoother complexion, and fewer instances of rosacea, eczema, and even psoriasis in some cases, within a week.”

What to Expect

Dr. Chilukuri explains that the ADVATx can be customized to address individual skin concerns through minor treatment modifications made in the treatment room. For instance, for patients with rosacea or acne, he recommends using the 589 wavelength, particularly for active acne. These treatments usually take about 20 to 25 minutes. However, if the treatment is aimed at improving both scars and pigment, he suggests adding the 1319 wavelength, extending the total treatment time to 35 to 50 minutes.

As for how the treatment feels, Dr. Chilukuri describes it as “super comfortable” and compares it to a warm facial. “This is something that’s easy to tolerate. We see a lot of our female clients sending in their husbands, spouses or significant others because it is so comfortable.”

Downtime + Results

Dr. Chilukuri says the ADVATx laser offers “zero” downtime for patients, setting it apart from other devices on the market. Unlike IPL and similar treatments that can leave patients with coffee ground-like marks and darkened skin, the ADVATx provides a gentle and safe experience for virtually all skin types.

Patients can expect to see improvement in their acne within a week, while those undergoing treatment for melasma typically require three to five sessions for significant improvement, with noticeable results often appearing after the second treatment.

The Bottom Line

The ADVATx laser is a top choice for individuals seeking laser treatments, especially those with darker skin tones. Developed with all skin types and tones in mind, this cutting-edge laser uses two specific wavelengths that target specific skin concerns without damaging the surrounding tissue. The ADVATx technology overcomes the potential risks of hyperpigmentation, scarring, and other adverse effects, which is a common concern for individuals with darker skin tones.

With its extensive testing and approval, the ADVATx laser is considered quite safe, providing patients with more options and better results. The immediate results make it a quick and efficient treatment for almost all skin types. If you are interested in learning more about the treatment, visit advalight.com

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