The Dermatologist Approved Anti-Aging Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

The Dermatologist Approved Anti-Aging Treatment: Everything You Need to Know featured image
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Wrinkles, loose skin, discoloration—these are all skin concerns that can be rather hard to treat. After all, at-home beauty products can only do so much. The good news? Technology is finally on our side, and there are plenty of accessible in-office treatments that can help solve a wide variety of skin issues.

The Sylfirm X is the latest device to catch the attention of experts across the country. As the only dual wave RF Microneedling, FDA 510k device on the market, Sylfirm X tackles many of your skin revitalization concerns, including skin laxity and discoloration.

If you’re not familiar with this transformative procedure, don’t worry. These top two aesthetic experts gave us the full rundown on how the Sylfirm X works, who is an ideal candidate, and everything else there is to know before trying this procedure out for yourself.

What Is Sylfirm X?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this treatment, Salt Lake City, UT plastic surgeon Renato Saltz, MD clarifies that Sylfirm X is simply a device that pairs microneedling—which creates microdamage from tiny needles pressed against the skin—with the heating effects of radio frequency. “By injuring the skin in a controlled way through needle puncture and heat injury, it stimulates collagen remodeling, revitalizes the dermis, tightens the skin, and can treat vascular areas and pigmentation,” adds Manhattan Beach, CA dermatologist Ashley Magovern, MD.  

The Sylfirm X employs innovative technology founded upon the “Na effect,” created by the Sylfirm X inventor Dr. JongJu Na.  “A key feature is the ‘Na Effect,’ which refers to the shape of the heat injury,” explains Dr.  Magovern. “The heat injury is shaped like a teardrop, which maximizes the thermal effect, minimizes epidermal damage, and makes it much more comfortable for patients.”

According to Dr.  Magovern, this treatment is intended for improving skin tone, texture, scarring, and laxity. “It’s a great device for maintenance and it’s a perfect way to maintain a youthful glow and optimize skin quality,” she adds.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sylfirm X?

Unlike many other in-office treatments that are restrictive of who can undergo  a procedure, this option is more inclusive. “We can treat all skin types and we can tailor the treatment to the patient’s needs,” says Dr. Magovern. “Only someone who has had a history of poor wound healing and keloid scars would not be a candidate,” adds Dr. Saltz. Pregnant women and patients with metal devices such as pacemakers should not receive Sylfirm X treatments.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Most patients only need one session to see visible results from Sylfirm X. However, Dr. Saltz recommends three treatments spaced out anywhere from four to six weeks apart. For some patients, up to five treatments may be needed for optimal treatment outcomes.

Even better? Results are long-lasting. “[This] should improve and delay skin aging,” Dr. Magovern confirms. That said, everyone ages at a different rate, so it’s critical to adhere to a dedicated skin-care routine in addition to following a healthy lifestyle and scheduling regular skin treatments. 

What About Downtime and Side Effects?

Sylfirm X is considered a generally safe procedure, with most patients only experiencing mild to moderate redness and minimal swelling immediately post-procedure. “This usually fades over a few hours but can last one to three days,” says Dr.  Magovern.

With any RF microneedling procedure, there is also a risk of textural issues or visible marks after initial treatment. However, an experienced provider will know just how to avoid these potential side effects.

The Bottom Line

Sylfirm X is a great option for those who are looking for an all-in-one treatment to address multiple skin concerns at once. Not only does this treatment boast impressive results, it’s also a rather tolerable procedure for most patients.

“I love the Sylfirm X because it’s effective and easy to use,” confirms Dr.  Magovern. “It’s also much more comfortable than other devices in this class.”

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