Pregnancy-Safe Skin Treatments You Can Indulge In

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There are a lot of rules to follow when you’re pregnant; it’s time for something you can really indulge in. Take a break for a real spa day with these expert-approved pregnancy-safe skin treatments that will have your pregnancy glow go radiant.

Of course, every expert we spoke with agreed: you need to check with your OBGYN before beginning any new skin-care product or treatment.

Pregnancy and Skin Treatments

According to South Lake, TX dermatologist Janine Hopkins, MD, it’s standard practice to pause any treatment that could potentially impact the pregnancy. “Treatments like chemical peels are avoided because of increased risk of adverse reactions due to skin sensitivity and concerns of fetal toxicity,” Dr. Hopkins explains. “Safety for the unborn fetus and expecting mother are the top priority.”

The increased risk comes from the potential for the active ingredients to pass to the fetus.

“These treatments often contain ingredients that are systemic,” explains founder of Shani Darden Skin Care and celebrity aesthetician, Shani Darden. “That means they can ultimately reach the bloodstream which could have an adverse effect on the pregnancy.”

According to founder of Amy Peterson Skincare and Miami aesthetician, Amy Peterson, there are a lot of ingredients that we just don’t know a lot about in terms of how they might impact a pregnancy, and so most practitioners will resort to an abundance of caution. “As we know pregnancy is not something people want to risk,” Peterson says. “There’s nobody that’s going to say, ‘yes, test this product on me to see if it’s pregnancy-safe.’ In general, we know how ingredients behave, so if they pass into the bloodstream we know to avoid them.”

111Skin’s global head of aesthetics and lead aesthetician Milena Naydenov explains that devices like radiofrequency are also off the table. “We do not recommend pregnant women to get any radiofrequency-based treatment, because it could interfere with the baby’s heartbeat,” Naydenov says. “Also lasers, as they have never never been tested on pregnant women, so we don’t recommend them at all.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still take some time for you at the spa.

Pregnancy-Safe Skin Treatments

“Facials are a great pregnancy-safe treatment,” Darden says. “I customize my Signature Facial for each client to address what their skin needs that day, and adjust accordingly for pregnant clients.”

Professional facials typically involve cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and moisturizing. Those are all, blessedly, completely safe things to do while pregnant (just don’t use a chemical exfoliant).

“Caudalie facials (a customizable treatment that caps a traditional facial off with a massage) are a great pregnancy ‘pick me up,’ as well as other non-chemical based skin-care facials,” Dr. Hopkins adds.

“Even though you’re not able to get every single treatment, there is still great benefit from having an aesthetician give you a thorough cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions, and a custom mask to reveal glowing, smooth skin,” Darden explains. “Your aesthetician can also help tailor your current skin-care routine to what your skin needs.”

You’ll even find events especially tailored for expecting moms.

“Here we do a Mommy Magic Hour, which is a mommy-safe version of the magic hour treatments we offer,” Peterson explains. “Obviously we don’t use any of the devices or any of the assets that you can’t use. But there are components of the HydraFacial that you can use, there are components of the massage that are good for most of the pregnancy. Though, I think in your last trimester closer to eight to nine months, a lot of people caution massage because it can put you into labor. So, we tend to not offer that during that trickier time. Even towards the end of pregnancy, we can do things like MesoJet Fusion, which is infusing hyaluronic acid into the skin, and other things that are naturally produced in our body that we want to replenish.”

There are also options you can indulge in at home.

At-Home Spa Treatments for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

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Shani Darden Skin Care Signature Nourishing Facial Mask ($58)

“A great at-home treatment to calm and soothe skin is my Signature Nourishing Facial Mask,” Darden says. “It’s formulated with a blend of kaolin and bentonite clay to help absorb excess oil and clear congestion without over-drying. It’s also formulated with replenishing squalane, calming colloidal oatmeal, and a soothing triple-tea complex which is combined together in a hand-whipped, fluffy texture.”

BUY NOW – $58

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Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask ($52)

Powered by prickly pear and açai, this Dream Mask packs in natural antioxidants and hydration while delivering brightening vitamin C. Pregnancy is often a time ruled by melasma (the mask of pregnancy) and hyperpigmentation, making this pregnancy-safe mask a great addition to any at-home spa night. Hyaluronic acid and vegetable-sourced squalane help relieve dry and irritated skin, while superfoods protect skin from free radicals.

BUY NOW – $52

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Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow 2-in-1 Mask ($35)

A face mask, a gentle exfoliant and a texture-changing soothing skin-care experience, this Radiant Glow mask is powered by natural sugar extracts and clay. Scented with organic vanilla oil, this mask contains glycerin for hydration and farm-sourced sunflower oil while upcycled coconut shell provide careful exfoliation. And once this cacao-packed mask makes contact with water, it transforms into a milk that can be easily washed away. This sustainably made face mask and scrub can also be found in Evolve’s pregnancy safe bundle pack.

BUY NOW – $35

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