An Inside Look at All the Products in Our 2024 VIP Awards Box

An Inside Look at All the Products in Our 2024 VIP Awards Box featured image
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The 395 winners of our 2024 Beauty Awards have been announced and our annual VIP Awards Box is full. After months of spritzing, swiping and slathering on hundreds of products, our editors narrowed down the top products in the industry. These are the innovations and cult-classics that outperformed everything else, caught our discerning eye and earned our stamp of approval.

In this year’s NewBeauty Awards Box, we’ve included 23 products that won our 2024 NewBeauty Award. It’s a well-rounded collection of skin care, hair care, body care, makeup and wellness. From antioxidant serum to an anti hair-fall treatment, there’s a little something for everyone and every routine. And, if a product doesn’t suit you, you can always gift it to family or friends. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. A product wrapped in a cute bag would also make a great end-of-year teacher appreciation gift. Either way, we hope you enjoy this editor-curated collection and discover some new favorites.

And, if you don’t have the Box yet, click here to snag one while they’re still available!

What’s Inside NewBeauty’s 2024 VIP Awards Box:

1 / 23

OSEA Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub ($58)

The marriage of flower acids and oceanic physical exfoliants in this gentle scrub is your ticket to smoother, brighter skin. We love the “whipped, marshmallow texture,” as the brand describes it, and the pore-minimizing effect. Use it two or three times a week for glowy, baby-soft skin.



Award Photo: Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub
Award Photo: Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub
2 / 23

NULASTIN HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment ($129)

Packed with powerful peptides, this nongreasy serum utilizes the brand’s innovative Elastaplex technology to anchor hair follicles at the root for less shedding and hair loss. Whether you are experiencing thinning due to aging, postpartum shedding or something else, this is the science-backed treatment to try.

BONUS: Get 30% off any NULASTIN product purchase using the code NewBeautyAwards30 until June 30, 2024. Use the code NewBeautySubscriber30 to receive 30% off your first subscription purchase as well (this is double the usual 15% discount for subscribers).

BUY NOW – $129

Award Photo: HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment
Award Photo: HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment
3 / 23

RéVive FERMITIF CHIN CONTOUR Instant Tightening Peptide Mask (Starting at $30)

A popular trend in Asia and K-beauty, this innovative V-line mask helps de-puff and contour the jawline and upper neck areas in just 20 minutes. This is thanks to the brand’s Bio-Renewal and Bio-Firming Peptides, plus a Contouring Peptide Complex and plumping hyaluronic acid. It’s one of our favorite new quick fixes before a big event or date night, and it earns its “sculpting sensation” nickname.



4 / 23

RevitaLash Advanced Sensitive Eyelash Serum ($106)

If lash serums tend to irritate your eyes, try this formula that was developed by an ophthalmologist for sensitive eyes. It works by employing encapsulation technology, which is designed for a slower (and gentler) release of active ingredients. Apply the clear serum once a day along your upper lash line (above the lashes). You only need to dip the applicator into the tube one time for both eyes.



Award Photo: Advanced Sensitive
Award Photo: Advanced Sensitive
5 / 23

StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus (Starting at $59)

Don’t let “tech neck” get you down. Help banish lines and crepey skin with this science-backed and peptide-packed cream. It’s an upgrade of the original formula for even bigger benefits, including firming slack skin and reducing “sleep wrinkles” on the décolleté. Use it morning and night, and don’t forget to bring it up to your jawline and down to your décolleté.



Award Photo: TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus
Award Photo: TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus
6 / 23

Paul Mitchell Bond Rx Shampoo ($26)

Swap out your current shampoo for this strengthening one, which cleanses without harsh sulfates while keeping your hair’s bonds intact. The formula is especially great for those who color their hair and/or have damage or breakage. Over time, hair gets stronger and looks and feels healthier. Plus, it has an amazing salon-worthy smell, which we love.



Award Photo: Bond Rx Shampoo
Award Photo: Bond Rx Shampoo
7 / 23

Alastin C-Radical Defense Antioxidant Serum ($196)

Antioxidants are a must in any balanced skin-care routine, and this dermatologist-recommended formula is loaded with them. Not only vitamin C (the gold standard antioxidant) in a proprietary, encapsulated form, but also 14 others! We love to layer this under sunscreen for extra protection against free-radical damage that causes signs of aging. And clinical testing shows this serum helps reduce the effects of free radicals in the skin by up to 74 percent. Very impressive. The Box contains the 0.5 oz. Serum ($102).

BUY NOW – $196

Award Photo: C-Radical Defense Antioxidant Serum
Award Photo: C-Radical Defense Antioxidant Serum
8 / 23

Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW-LAMINATE ($22)

This clear brow gel is the perfect way to experiment with the laminated brow trend at home. It doesn’t make the brow hairs stiff, sticky or flaky, which we love, but it locks them in place for up to 12 hours. Just dip the accompanying spoolie brush into the gel (a little goes a long way) and then brush your brows up to nail the trend. Or, if you prefer a more natural look, just shape your brows accordingly and enjoy the all-day hold.

And, because the brow gurus at Grande Cosmetics always think one step ahead, they included peptides in the formula as well for conditioning benefits.



Award Photo: GrandeBROW Laminate
Award Photo: GrandeBROW Laminate
9 / 23

DermaQuest Advanced SkinBrite Serum ($82)

If hyperpigmentation is your concern—think dark spots and sun damage—this serum is your new best friend. A powerful mix of pigmentation inhibitors works to stop melanogensis before it starts. This is the production of excess melanin, aka dark spots. These include Synovea HR and Chromabright, and together, the brand says they work “four times more effectively and safely than hydroquinone.” It’s also great for brightening post-acne dark marks. Use one or two pumps for your face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening.



Award Photo: Advanced SkinBrite Serum
Award Photo: Advanced SkinBrite Serum
10 / 23

8Greens Daily Tablets in Lemon Lime ($42 for three packs of 10 tablets)

If you have a tough time getting enough greens in your diet, these daily effervescent tablets make it easier than ever to meet your goal. Just drop one into a glass of water and watch it fizz and disintegrate to turn the water green. Each vegan, sugar-free tablet contains just 15 calories and is made from eight real greens: spinach, kale, aloe vera, wheatgrass, blue green algae, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina.

According to the brand, one tablet contains as much vitamin C as six oranges, as much vitamin B6 as six cups of spinach, as much vitamin B5 as 15 cups of broccoli, as much vitamin B12 as seven cups of milk, and as much zinc as three cups of peas. The original lemon-lime flavor is delicious, but if you’re interested in trying other flavors, we love the Peach Tea, too.

BUY NOW – $42

Award Photo: Effervescent Tablets
Award Photo: Effervescent Tablets
11 / 23

Glo Skin Beauty Oil-Free Tinted Primer SPF 30 ($50)

Primer is back and bigger than ever, and this one is a multitasking winner. It’s oil-free, so a great option for those with oily or acne-prone skin, but anyone can use it (including sensitive types). We love the silky feel and addition of SPF 30 protection, which means you can wear it alone if you’re more of a “no-makeup makeup” person. Or, use it to prep your skin underneath foundation and concealer. The benefits don’t stop there either: It also contains niacinamide and vitamin C, so you get skin-care benefits while you wear it, too.

The Box comes with a voucher to redeem on gloskinbeauty.com (free s&h as well), so that you can choose the right flexible shade for your skin tone.



12 / 23

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Detangler Plant Brush ($18)

We had never used a plant-based brush until this one, and we hope this sets a new benchmark for future beauty tools. Expect the same detangling performance you love from Tangle Teezer (thanks to the brand’s 325 patented two-tier teeth technology), but with an important eco-friendly component. The brush is actually made out of 85-percent sustainably sourced castor beans. How cool!



13 / 23

No7 Future Renew Damage Reversal Night Cream ($40)

We were blown away by the science backing this collection from No7 when it launched last year. It was a no-brainer for a Beauty Award, and though we loved the other three products, the night cream ultimately won us over. It’s formulated with Pepticology (a first-of-its-kind, patented peptide technology), which supports the skin’s natural self-repair process and reverses damage.

With nightly use, the nongreasy cream smooths, nourishes and hydrates. In fact, in a consumer study, 96 percent of women said they experienced a reversal in the feeling of skin dryness. Men will love this, too!

BUY NOW AT NO7 – $40


Award Photo: Future Renew Damage Reversal Night Cream
Award Photo: Future Renew Damage Reversal Night Cream
14 / 23

Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner ($25)

Whether you prefer a quick leave-in spray to cut down on shower time or you just love a lightweight spray instead of a heavier cream conditioner, this one is a must-try for better hair. And if you’re already a fan, consider this your restock for pool season. (We love to spray it in wet hair at the pool or beach.)

With just a few spritzes, it detangles, smooths (it helps squash frizz, too) and moisturizes while also boosting shine and protecting hair color from heat and sun damage. The cream-to-mist technology allows it to disperse evenly and provide mega moisture to dry hair.



Award Photo: Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner
Award Photo: Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner
15 / 23

Exuviance Exfoliating & Conditioning Foot Balm ($29)

We received great feedback from many of you who loved our inclusion of foot-care products in one of our VIP Boxes last year, so we wanted to bring you another one this year, and just in time for summer. This is the ultimate remedy for rough, dry feet and heels thanks to its potent blend of 15-percent alphahydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic and mandelic) and 5-percent polyhydroxy acids (gluconolactone and maltobionic acid). We like to apply it at night, but you can apply it in the morning, too, if you prefer.



16 / 23

Erborian Skin Therapy Multi-Perfecting Night Oil-Serum ($59)

Not a fan of face oils? Trust us, this one will change your mind. Receiving rave reviews from our editors during Awards testing, the nongreasy oil-serum texture sinks quickly into skin and works like magic overnight. The bi-phase formula (shake it before applying to combine the two phases) contains 17 Korean-inspired ingredients that help improve seven common skin concerns: texture, complexion evenness, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, luminosity, plumpness, suppleness and nourishment. All skin types can benefit—even oily!



Award Photo: Skin Therapy Multi-Perfecting Night Oil-Serum
Award Photo: Skin Therapy Multi-Perfecting Night Oil-Serum
17 / 23

Eufora Triple Bond Repair ($43)

If your hair shows any signs of damage (dryness, frizz, dullness, etc) and you don’t currently have a bond repair product in your hair-care routine, now is the time to add one. Per Spate, the bond repair category has seen 210.3-percent year-over-year growth. This weekly, in-shower treatment works in just five minutes to reconnect, replace and reinforce the three primary bonds in the hair. This reverses damage from chemical services like hair color, heat styling (all your fancy tools), and environmental stress (sun, heat, etc.).

It works on all hair types, as well as those who have keratin-treated or relaxed hair. After shampooing, apply a quarter-size amount from your mid-lengths down to your ends and let it sit for at least five minutes, then rinse.

BUY NOW – $43

Award Photo: Triple Bond Repair
Award Photo: Triple Bond Repair
18 / 23

Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Ultra-thin Blemish Hydrocolloid Patches, Combo Pack ($10)

These clear, ultra-thin pimple patches were a crowd pleaser during our Award testing. It’s not unusual for one of our editors to wear one during a Zoom meeting! Made of hydrocolloid, they provide an optimal healing environment and help protect pimples from being picked at. In the Box, the brand included a special Combo Pack, which also included four of the larger triangle patches, which are great for breakouts on the cheeks, jawline, forehead, back and/or chest. Wear them for eight hours, or overnight.



19 / 23

UNITE BOOSTA Volumizing Spray ($33)

This volumizing spray is beloved by editors, celebs and professional stylists for its ability to “plump” even the finest strands. It’s also safe to use on hair extensions and won’t weigh your hair down. And as a bonus, it also provides UV protection, so if you’re using it before being out in the sun, it will help shield your hair (and hair color) from heat and sun damage. To use, spray it thoroughly on damp hair (on your roots, too) and comb it through to your ends. Do not rinse it out. FYI, this is not meant to be used on dry hair.



Award Photo: BOOSTA Volumizing Spray
Award Photo: BOOSTA Volumizing Spray
20 / 23

HydroPeptide Retinol Eye Renewal ($52)

It may seem intimidating to apply retinol around your eyes, but HydroPeptide formulated this balm with a proprietary, targeted-release retinol blend that won’t cause inflammation. Instead, it works to effectively improve the appearance of crow’s-feet and fine lines under the eyes, dark circles, and uneven skin tone and texture. Apply it along your orbital bone, not on your eyelids.

HydroPeptide suggests starting out slowly by using the product once and then waiting 48 to 72 hours before using it again. “This delay will allow your skin to process the Universal Tri-Retinol for the first time without overwhelming the activity in your skin that can lead to inflammation. After this initial uptake, you can then start to find your optimal frequency of use and integrate it effectively into your skin-care routine. Many of our users find the ideal frequency is three to four times each week.” 

BUY NOW – $52

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it’s a 10 Haircare Scalp Restore Miracle Scalp Serum ($33)

When your scalp is out of whack, whether that means itching, flaking or dryness, it’s probably related to oil. According to the brand, “The problem is that the surface of the skin has too much oil, which holds on to everyday bacteria, causes dead skin cells to cluster together to form flakes, and causes itchiness and inflammation as a response.”

This moisturizing serum can be used daily to help rebalance an oily scalp, remove buildup and reduce discomfort from itching and/or dryness. We love the cooling sensation, too!



Award Photo: Scalp Restore Miracle Scalp Serum
Award Photo: Scalp Restore Miracle Scalp Serum
22 / 23

WILL PERFORM Lidocaine Pain Relief Lotion ($13)

Tennis icon Serena Williams cofounded this brand for “the fast pain relief you need to stay active and keep performing.” This nonsticky, gel-like lotion is infused with 4-percent lidocaine and botanicals and doesn’t have that medicinal smell like most other products in this category—it smells fresh.

It’s great for temporarily relieving pain in the knees, neck, ankles and shoulders, as well as carpal tunnel, shin splints, “mommy’s wrist” and tennis elbow. You can also use it on sunburn and insect bites. Our editors love the angled applicator, too, which allows you to apply it directly to your trouble spots and massage it in without getting your hands messy.

BUY NOW – $13

Award Photo: Lidocaine Pain Relief Lotion
Award Photo: Lidocaine Pain Relief Lotion
23 / 23

eos Super Balm in Honey Apple ($6)

We’ve got one of these lip balms in every bag, and after trying this one, you will too. The Box contains the Honey Apple scent, which is deliciously addictive, but we’re big fans of all the other scents as well. Key ingredients include shea butter, avocado oil, castor oil and synthetic beeswax, and the formula is incredibly nourishing. In fact, the brand says it provides 24 hours of moisture.

BUY NOW – $6

Award Photo: Super Balm Lip Balm
Award Photo: Super Balm Lip Balm

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