Skin Care From Space: How NASA’s Latest Discovery Is Revolutionizing Anti-Aging

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In a galaxy not so far away, NASA often uncovers innovations that impact life here on Earth. Among its latest discoveries is Bacillus Lysate, a resilient bacterium found on Mars-bound spacecraft. What began as a safeguard against contamination has evolved into a game-changing ingredient in skin care.

What Is Bacillus Lysate?

Bacillus Lysate is a skin-care additive derived from Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032. It boasts potent antioxidant properties, effectively inhibiting free-radical formation and has the capacity to enhance SPF in sunscreen products. It functions as a UV-ray absorber, providing a natural alternative to chemicals that may negatively impact human health and the environment. In a study published in Applied Sciences in August 2022, researchers showed that Bacillus Lysate can help reduce the effects of aging on human skin cells by targeting specific pathways involved in skin aging.

The Resilience of Bacillus Lysate

According to Dan Lockney, NASA’s technology transfer program executive, Bacillus Lysate was resistant to UV light and really hard to kill. “In fact, it’s one of the most resilient strains of bacteria that we found on Earth,” says Lockney. “Since NASA’s inception, we’ve found ways to take technology, new concepts, materials, widgets, software and all the cool stuff we create to enable space missions and get it in the hands of the public.” As a result, he says there are thousands products and services rooted in space technology. “These make our lives better, safer and healthier, including skin-care and items you can find on your kitchen counter.”

Jennifer Doreen, deputy news chief for NASA, elaborated on the bacterium’s discovery process. “When we send spacecraft to Mars, we do our best to make sure that we’re not inadvertently sending Earth bacteria. During that process of scrubbing the spacecraft, we discovered this bacterium that was resistant to UV light.” Doreen says the eradication of the bacterium became an indicator of successful cleaning protocols. “When this bacterium is eliminated from a cleanroom, it’s pretty much the litmus for there’s nothing else after.”

From Spacecraft to Skin Care

Initially researchers contemplated utilizing Bacillus Lysate in fabric and coatings due to its radiation resistance. However, they soon realized its potential in skin care. “The bacterium is considered an extremophile, meaning it can survive in the harshest and most extreme environments where life wouldn’t typically thrive. Its ability to absorb UVA and UVB radiation piqued interest in using it to enhance sun protection and anti-aging products,” Lockney explained.

Bacillus Lysate acts as a natural shield against harmful UV rays, bolstering the effectiveness of SPF in sunscreens, Lockney shared. Additionally, researchers have discovered that its anti-aging properties actively combat oxidative stress and stimulate skin rejuvenation. Unlike synthetic chemicals, the ingredient is also organic, offering a safer, more sustainable solution.

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The Next Breakout Ingredient?

Currently, Delavie Sciences leads the way in incorporating Bacillus Lysate into skin-care products with its Aeonia Line of anti-aging skin care. However, there are still opportunities for future collaborations. Lockney illustrates this with an example of other NASA-funded researchers making groundbreaking discoveries while developing life support for Mars missions. For instance, they found a natural omega-3 fatty acid source crucial for infant development, primarily found in breast milk. It’s now a key ingredient in over 90 percent of infant formulas, showcasing Bacillus Lysate’s potential for integration into various products. Lockney sees a bright future of space-inspired skin care. “Other sunscreen producers may have the opportunity to leverage this ingredient in the future,” he notes.

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