The Kitchen’s Katie Lee Biegel Says Doing This Beauty Treatment Herself Has Been ‘Life-Changing’

The Kitchen’s Katie Lee Biegel Says Doing This Beauty Treatment Herself Has Been ‘Life-Changing’ featured image

Chef and cookbook author Katie Lee Biegel—you know her from her many appearances of various Food Network shows, including her role as cohost on The Kitchen—is also a big beauty lover. As a Revlon ambassador, she gets to flex that muscle in between masterminding creative new dishes for the show and being a mom to her baby girl Iris. During a Zoom date with Biegel today, we caught up about all things makeup, hair, food and more. And that sweet Southern charm you see on TV, it’s real!

Are there any beauty looks you’ve been loving lately?
“I’ve always loved big brows, and I’m really into brow fiber fillers right now. I love them. I’m obsessed with the Revlon one. I also really like this new trend of bright eyeshadow. I think it’s so pretty, and I always look at the really bright blues and bright greens on social media and I think it’s such a bold look. A couple of years ago a makeup artist named Quinn Murphy did a really bright blue eyeliner on me, and it’s funny, just maybe a week ago he sent me a screenshot of it and it reminded me to try it again.”

Is that inspired at all by Euphoria?
“I don’t watch Euphoria, but I feel like I need to watch it! I keep seeing everybody talking about it on social media.”

What about skin care? Any favorites on your vanity right now?
“For skin care, I really love the Biossance oils—they’re just so good, so hydrating. When I was pregnant I used their squalane oil all over my stomach—actually, I put it all over my body. I use it on my face now too, and I just love it. I tend to have dry skin, so I need that extra hydration.”

Do you tend to go for products in the “clean” category or does it not matter?
“No, I’m kind of all over the place. I just like products that work.”

As an ambassador for Revlon, I’m sure you’ve tried everything they make. What tops your list?
“I love Revlon products, not just because we work together, but because I really and truly love them. I just colored my hair with the Colorsilk Dark Brown—I’ve been using it now for a few months and I honestly feel like my hair is in better condition now since I started. It just gives this lustrous look, and the conditioner packet that comes along with it just really, really works. I also feel like my hair styles better after using it.

I also love the ColorStay Skin Awaken Concealer, which is my top obsession. I can’t sleep—I’m always trying to get some sleep, and I think it’s because I have a baby monitor next to me so I wake up all the time—so I suffer from dark circles and I have bags under my eyes. So to finally find something that covers them up and tightens my skin up with the caffeine in it, I love it. I use the Light Beige shade under my eyes, and today I used Cinnamon as a contour on my cheekbones and it really blends in nicely.”

Woah, let’s back up. You color your hair yourself? Tell me more.
“Oh I color my hair myself! I started doing it pre-Covid and then of course during Covid, everybody else had to learn to use the box. I’m a big proponent of it because I just could never find the time to schedule an appointment to go to the salon. I’d schedule it, then something would come up, and then I wouldn’t be able to go. I also couldn’t stand sitting there for so long, it just was not working for my lifestyle. Then I started using the box, and it really does work. People are always like, ‘How do you get the back of your head?’ but if you divide your hair into sections and you have a game plan, it works. Don’t just open the box and start doing it. Lay everything out, put on your black T-shirt and get to work. It is life-changing.”

Did you teach yourself or did your hairstylist give you tips?
“I pretty much taught myself, but I am lucky enough that my best friend is a colorist [Gretta Monahan], so she did give me some tips.”

Back to makeup. Are you good at doing it yourself? You always look so polished.
“I got really into doing my own makeup during Covid because we were filming The Kitchen from home, so I had to learn how to do my full face and hair myself. I always liked doing my makeup and I was comfortable doing it, but then I really got into it during filming because I wanted to still have that look of TV makeup. And of course you can use a lighter hand when it’s at home, not having all those bright lights, and it was something I looked forward to doing when I was at home for so long and it made it feel like a normal person again. I actually do my own makeup for a lot of events, but I do also work with some great makeup artists.”

What’s on your schedule right now aside from TV life?
“Right now I’m just focused on The Kitchen and taking care of my little baby Iris—that baby is handful! (laughs). I’m also working on a children’s book—it’s something I just kind of started—so I’ve got to put a little bit more focus on it. But you know, it’s hard, it’s hard to do anything other than the job I have right now and taking care of her. That occupies most of my time, and if I do have any free time, I want to watch TV.”

If you could only eat once dish forever, what would it be?
“Pizza, and pasta, and any carb. No carb left behind.”


If you could only eat meals cooked by one of your Kitchen cohosts, who would it be?
“I love everybody obviously, and it’s like choosing a favorite child, but Geoffrey Zakarian is a darn good chef. I mean, it’d be hard to pass up a meal from him.”

What would your fans and followers be surprised to learn about you?
“Hmm, that’s a good question because I kind of put it all out there on social media. I feel like what you see is what you get with me. I love sweatpants and watching TV and cooking and just hanging out at home.”

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