How Microneedling is Getting Even More Effective

Microneedling has made a major comeback, and with more power at its tip than ever before, its status has been upped to supercharged. In a nutshell, microneedling, which can also be done at-home with a dermal roller, helps to rejuvenate your complexion by creating tiny microchannels in your skin with clusters of needles to stimulate natural repair mechanisms. This in turn stimulates new collagen formation. While you may feel some discomfort (and even get a bit bloody) during the treatment, it provides dramatic results when it comes to acne scars, stretch marks, lines and wrinkles and improving your skin’s overall texture.

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Now that it’s being used more frequently in the office, doctors are starting to couple it with topical solutions—growth factors, antioxidants, peptides and platelet-rich plasma (PRP)—for even better results. New York plastic surgeon Douglas Monasebian, MD, credits the sudden popularity of micro needling to the fact that it can be paired with prescription-strength ingredients that address cosmetic issues like fine lines and wrinkles. "It provides the ability to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin and has great potential,” he says. It’s important to know that in order to see the full results, a series of treatments spaced out over four to six weeks is often recommended. 

  • Josie
    Posted on

    How often can I derma roll my face

  • Lynda Dowling
    Posted on

    I do my own Skin Needing at home in between salon visits. I use either 1.0m or 1.5m needles, I have been doing Needling for almost six years now and the results are amazing!! Even when I renewed my Drivers Licence looking at the two pictures from 5yrs apart were astounding. Have always had good skin but this has just provided incredible results, lifting and removed fine lines above my lip that would have come through deeper in a few years time. I am 49 had my skin analysed by a Cosmetic Surgery Centre and it came out at 28yrs of age, folk stop me constantly and will just say OMG your skin! I cannot recommend this process enough! I am quite barbaric with it, I really do 'hammer my skin' ensuring I bleed, but I know my limitations and my skin heals so quickly. I will cleanse my skin thoroughly, even using a bit of Dettol, then I soak my roller in hot water with antiseptic. Then just essentially roll. I do this every 5 weeks as the needles are large, I did commence with 0.3mm on a weekly basis but I have worked up to this size now. In the salon my Therapist uses the 'pen' which is okay, we get results but I prefer the roller even although it can be quite awkward. It is amazing!

  • Sarah
    Posted on

    No one should be doing this at home with needles deep enough to stimulate collagen. At home devices are only intended to create micro channels for better product absorption and blood should not be seen. It's easy to scar the skin badly if you are trying to cause blood with a non medical grade needle that is too short.

  • Malena
    Posted on

    I'm supposed to use an antibacterial spray before and after at home treatment. Which one should I use?

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    So it should only be done every few weeks?

  • Posted on

    Microneedling is an excellent option for skin rejuvenation. When done correctly, results are fantastic and help maintain a rejuvenated skin appearance. I regularly combine the micro needling with PRP for both hairloss and skin rejuvenation with wonderful results as the micro-needles create micro-injuries in the skin that stimulate healing and blood-flow while the PRP adds growth factors present in the platelets that further stimulate skin rejuvenation. Microneedling falls under the category of maintenance rejuvenation treatments, so when performed regularly, will delay the aging of the skin.

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