3 Ways to Get Younger-Looking Hands

We tend to never think about the skin on our hands until one day when we look down to find that they've surpassed our face in the aging process. Further down the line, we notice age spots, loose skin and large veins. While this of course is the natural progression of aging, we can’t help but wish that our highly active facial products somehow had made it onto our hands over the years, or by accident even. Or, that we had the foresight to apply the same amount of SPF to our hands that we did so diligently to our precious face. 

When it comes to aging skin, it’s all about prevention. To keep the skin on your hands supple and youthful-looking, there are some preventive measures you can take.

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Apply Sunscreen
New York dermatologist Adebola Dele-Michael, MD, says that daily application of sunscreen to your hands when you are outside or even in your car will help to greatly reduce the signs of aging. She says to also "incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, as this may prevent damage that leads to premature aging on hands and skin.”

Use Topical Antioxidants
If you want to take extra steps, apply topical antioxidants to your hands to protect them from environmental damage. Vitamin C serum will help keep your hands looking younger for longer. 

In-Office Treatments
If you want to correct damage that's already been done, Dr. Dele-Michael says that there are various treatments, depending on the condition, that can help. Radiesse, a volumizing filler, was recently FDA-approved to treat aging hands, with results lasting up to one year. Additionally, "lasers can be used to treat discoloration or wrinkles and topical medicines can be used to improve the appearance of skin,” explains Dr. Dele-Michael.

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  • Jennifer Andrews
    Posted on

    Thank you for the post! I have used sunscreen but never though of using topical antioxidants. Will in-office treatments take care of hand veins or do you have to do something else for that? Also, do fragrance lotions affect the aging of your hands or are they safe to use? http://nomorehandveins.com/about-us

  • Jocelyn Leveque Jocelyn Leveque
    Posted on

    Dr. Jocelyn Leveque One great way to improve the aged appearance of the hands is with fat injections. Part of the aging process is loss of volume along with loss of skin elasticity resulting in loose skin and prominent veins. Injecting thin layers of fat into the dorsal aspect of the hand fills in the loose skin and covers the veins. Also stem cells in the fat rejuvenate the skin improving tone, texture and elasticity. It is a simple procedure to do and doesn't require a large amount of donor fat which is harvested from an area with unwanted fat.

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