Manage Your Surgery Scars on Screen

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

A total of 100 million patients develop scars in the world alone each year as a result of 55 million elective operations and 25 million operations after trauma. In many cases, scarring is an unavoidable result of plastic surgery. Sometimes their development can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to monitor them as they heal. To our surprise, there’s actually an app for that.

Designed for cosmetic and reconstructive patients, the new The bioCorneum App allows you to monitor your scar as it heals on your iPhone or iPad. Within the app are helpful features to help you log your product usage and measure hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, redness and elevation of your scar. You can even print a PDF report of your scar's progress to share with your doctor during your next visit. Don’t have an Apple device? No problem, you can upload your scar and monitor it on as well. 

"Scars continue to be a major issue in plastic surgery and bioCorneum+ offers a novel tool, that is FDA approved with clinical data available for our patients. The new app can really help us track scar progress and gives us another tool to educate our patients with added visual assistance," says Chicago plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD. Lean more, here.