Extreme Implants And Extreme Risks

We were disturbed by the recent news that a Texas woman has undergone multiple surgeries to become the owner of the world's largest breasts. American doctors had refused to perform Sheyla Hershey's surgery because of obvious immediate and long-term risks, so the 28-year-old mother traveled to the country of her birth, Brazil, to receive a 38KKK measurement.

Medical tourism is risky in and of itself, especially when patients do not opt for a member of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. But even if this woman chose an ISAPS surgeon, she and whoever performed the surgery are disregarding the increased chance of capsular contracture, serious back problems, and more.

According to Fox News, the surgery called for a gallon of silicone, but the woman is blissfully ignoring of risks, claiming she has nothing to worry about.

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