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What to Do Now to Avoid Lip Lines Later

Let’s face it, lip lines are unavoidable signs of aging that appear front and center on your face. You may have religiously avoided the sun or never smoked a day in your life, ...

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Four Tips to Stop Lip Lines

Lips are the sexiest thing on your face, but guess what, they age faster than the rest of your skin. However, lip lines and wrinkles can be prevented and even corrected with a c...

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Make Your Lipstick Last With These Tips

If your lipstick constantly bleeds, it could be due to age. As the years go by, vertical lip lines and feather-thin wrinkles around the mouth develop as collagen and elastin bre...

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Lips Like A Celebrity? Yes, You Can!

It was hard to miss all the thick, luscious lips on the red carpet during the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. Actresses Emma Stone, Amber Heard and Natalie Portman puckere...

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