The Smoothie You Should Make This Weekend for Better Skin

The weekend is a few ticks on the clock away and so are dreams of doing nothing, lounging poolside and sleeping in. In between it all, whip up this skin-loving, protein-packed smoothie, coined the Warrior Blend, from our friends at Magic Mix Juicery in New York.

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“I always recommend the super-easy-to-clean 'Nutribullet' as a blender because the Vitamix is just so expensive and tedious for the home. I even use the bullet at home (but am obviously lucky to have the Vitamix blenders at the store),” owner Jil Larsen says. Step one: “Decide on a good base for your smoothie! If possible, squeeze your own fresh-pressed orange juice or make your own almond milk at home." (Very easy; just soak almonds and then blend them with filtered water and strain, then just add a little bit of vanilla and voila.)

12 oz coconut water: Helps with hydration

1/4 cup organic frozen raspberries: High in immune-boosting vitamin C

1/4 cup organic frozen blueberries: Rich in antioxidants

1//2 cup organic frozen strawberries: Packed with folic acid

1 organic banana: Keeps your body balanced via potassium

1 tbs hemp protein: Helps with muscle recovery