The New Perm Celebrities Can't Get Enough Of


Remember the perms of the 80s? They were big, damaging and pretty much awful. But guess what? They’re back, in a much more subdued and natural version.

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Beachy waves have been a huge hair trend for the last few years. And, for those who prefer not to be a slave to their curling iron, straightening iron and salt sprays on a daily basis to get that “I woke up like this” hair, there’s a new option available that borrows elements from the past.

Enter: The Olaplex Perm, which made its social media debut when celebrity stylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon, Riawna Capri, and perm expert Joe Santy, gave actress Julianne Hough one.


Olaplex isn’t your standard perm treatment—you may know it from your colorist because many choose to add it to color to inhibit color-induced damage caused by bleach and high-lift color. Normally, when hair is lightened, it can’t be permed, too. But the new Olaplex perm lets you have the best of both worlds because it reinforces the hair so that you can add color and chemical to the strands without causing breakage or any other type of major hair disaster.

Even though the product wasn’t designed for perms, more and more stylists and colorists are implementing it for this newfound purpose. The difference between a traditional perm and an Olaplex perm: The Olaplex formula is applied to the hair before the perm is put on and it’s used as part of the perm lotion and on top of the neutralizer, which majorly cuts down on damage. Everything else is pretty much status quo: Hair is wrapped in curlers, heat and chemicals break the bond of the hair to create a soft curl or wave, and your hair stays bouncy and beachy for a few months. The less you heat style your hair, the better your perm will stay in.

So, if you lighten your hair and want to-die-for mermaid waves, ask your stylist for the Olaplex perm. By the looks of Julianne’s super-loose sexy waves, you may be happy you did!


  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    I can't help but notice the wrap and the way those bands are putting tension on the hair. Yikes!

  • Airlia
    Posted on

    Where exactly are the beach waves? This looks like she forgot to bush her hair.

  • Stefanie
    Posted on

    You get the same result w a sensitive perm, large rods and using a vertical wrap. I DO love Olaplex. But with the method I just mentioned it's a little tighter if a wave and will "show up" a little more.

  • Stephanie
    Posted on

    Notice her hair now looks very dry.. that's what perms do dry out the hair . We don't want dry ass beach waves . We want soft flowing beach waves . I've tried this twice . And both times the hair was was so dry with olaplex it was awful.

  • Angie
    Posted on

    Olaplex is great, but this article isn't educated on it. It says right in it's directions how to use it with a perm. This stylist didn't just magically discover that it can be used in perms. And, there is no need to use it 3 times. There are 2 steps for the process.

  • Whatev
    Posted on

    That isn't even close to a perm and it looks like after an hour her "beachy waves" will just fall out and she'll be back to straight hair again.

  • Tori
    Posted on

    I just had my stylist put in extensions and cut them up to the length of my hair. Has the exact same effect. I love love love it! I wouldn't get perm anywhere near my hair....ew

  • D
    Posted on

    Scraggly and unkept is exactly the look they are going for. Love this look. Especially for moms on the go. It makes us feel that we are still in the know,in style and a part of a trend. While also keeping low maintenance for our time consuming days with children. Thank you for this option that can work with women will less time for self maintenance too.

  • Dana N.
    Posted on

    Beautiful, what brand of perm was used along with the Olaplex?

  • Joy
    Posted on

    Another alternative to the "traditional" perms made with monothioglycolate is the ISO brand of perms. They've been around forever & produce the same result. No need for all that rig-a-ma-role. However, stylists make more money adding Olaplex to the mix.

  • Maggie
    Posted on

    I have Natural Curly hair and love it.

  • Elinore
    Posted on

    Bad news gorgeous a girl as Julianne is, this perm makes her look scraggly and unkempt!! Surely there is a better way to style her hair!!

  • Mary
    Posted on

    Met Joe in Galveston texas at a hair show. Sat in his seminar and he is an interesting and fascinating guy. Congratulations to Joe you deserve it.

  • Curtis
    Posted on

    Olaplex was designed for perms period. That's why it was made.

  • April
    Posted on

    Shoot that's how scraggly my hair looks when it isn't fixed I guess I'm a lucky gal.

  • Brian
    Posted on

    I am 49 year old! I love too perms! Ervy 4 to 7 mouths! I love seeing me in perm rods!!!!! I don't care if others look at me!!!!!

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